Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Paperchase

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Paperchase

For all the stationary lovers out there, this one’s for you.

Paperchase fulfils everyone’s stationery needs, from an array of colourful pens to planners that make you want to get your life on track.

In recent years, the brand has also branched out and updated its offering to include  everything from gift wrapping to the perfect mug for your cup of tea.

But most importantly, how does this brand stand out from the rest on social media?

Keep on reading to find how this brand is a social media spectacle:

Aesthetically Pleasing Flatlays

There’s nothing more pleasing than a picture perfect flat-lay.

Paperchase has mastered this.

On Instagram, consumers are drawn to images which not only look good but also provide inspiration.

Paperchase’s flatlays display related products all in one image. They are the perfect way for people to window shop online.

So if consumers are looking for something in particular, they will be guaranteed to find what they like all in one place/picture. 

With eye-catching colours and items spaced apart perfectly, its content really is a treat to the eye.

You want content to be scroll stopping and stand out in a uniform feed, and that is exactly what Paperchase offers.

Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase
Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase

How To IGTVs

Many of Paperchase’s products enable consumers to be crafty.

That’s why they have tuned into the IGTV feature and used it to its full potential with ‘How to videos’.

From how to create wrapping paper pleats to DIY heart cut-out wrap – IGTVs are a great way to educate and entertain your brand’s social media community. 

Teach your audience something unique on on-trend, and your social media success will evolve.

Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase
Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase

Discount Deals You Can’t Say No To

Sometimes, all consumers need to be convinced to make a purchase – is a simple discount code.

Paperchase tunes into this desire and frequently offers discount codes on its visual imagery.

These percentages not only catch your eye immediately but are also a great way to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Consumers might tag a friend to let them know about the offer and simultaneously more social media users will interact with your brand’s accounts. 

Plus, with temporary discount codes they provide a sense of urgency but in a positive way. 

Paperchase has shown that you can incorporate these offers into content in a subtle yet effective way, through mirroring key colours from images, as shown below. 

Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase
Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase

User Generated Content

Nothing works better on social media, than user generated content (UGC) from your consumers themselves.

In Paperchase’s bio, it prompts social media users to tag them or use the hashtag #frompaperchase for a chance to be featured within its content.

Below are a few examples of some UGC with Paperchase products and a furry friend.

Have fun with your content, let your audience have some control and allow the images do the talking.

Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase
Image credit: Instagram @frompaperchase

What do you love about Paperchase’s social media?