Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Oreo

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Oreo

For this week’s leading brand and social media activity focus, the spotlight is on Oreo. 

Did you know that the first Oreo was sold on March 6 1912 to a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey? 

And from there on, the love affair between a glass of milk and this indulgent addictive biscuit simply grew and grew. 

It currently stands that Oreo has an extensive following of 3.1 million on Instagram. And it doesn’t surprise us that people want to get their fix of oreo online with their immensely creative social media marketing. 

In a snapshot – the brand uses simple messaging combined with fantastic, high-quality images to evoke interest in viewers which results in a large number of comments, shares and likes. 

In the following blog we further explore the brand’s social media tools and strategy to pinpoint its social media success: 

  1. Celebrity endorsements 

Gone are the days when influencers simply offered partnerships with lifestyle brands for fashion goods and home interior products. 

The digital marketers are now tapping into the food industry, with collaborations with large supermarkets and food brands becoming increasingly common. 

Oreo has taken on this type of marketing specifically with celebrities, from the likes of Billy Porter to Jari Jones. 

Utilising celebrities to promote a brand is an effective way to gain a loyal and mass following. 

Some consumers may be unaware that Oreo even has an Instagram page, but this all changes when celebrities post a collaborative image with them. And despite the large budget to work with these influencers, the increase in engagement is substantial. 

  1. Photoshopping to the next level

Summer this year may not have been quite as we imagined – but Oreo used this to its advantage. 

In July, the brand posted some inventive and imaginative graphics which drew the nation in. The image attached below, shows one example.

Image credit: Instagram @oreo.

This clever and artistic image was a simple way yet extremely effective way to grow its online presence.

And the result saw many consumers commenting and engaging with the image, reposting it and even sharing it with family and friends.  

By utilising its imagination, the brand turned its infamous biscuit into a memorable interpretation.

  1. Educating the audience 

With a large online presence, brands have the power to educate the audience on more pressing matters and make a difference to a number of global causes. 

Oreo has been heavily involved in movements such as Pride, Save the Children, and its new and latest campaign #ProudParent. 

Whilst this has helped to gain a wider following, most importantly it has used its presence wisely and effectively. 

  1. Promoting its USP

Are you a dunker?

Oreo is renowned for being the go to milk dunking biscuit and it certainly knows it…

From slow motion videos to crisp high quality images, it heavily promotes this on its social media.

Without this innovative content, it may not stand out online quite as well as it does.

What do you love about Oreo’s social media?