Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Oliver Bonas

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Oliver Bonas

This week for our leading brand blog series, we’re going to focus on the well-known,  independent British lifestyle store, Oliver Bonas.

Life at Oliver Bonas began when founder Olly began to bring back gifts for friends from his travels abroad. 

The idea of turning this interesting offering into a small business began in 1993 when the first store opened and two decades later – Oliver Bonas evolved.

From fashion to homewear, this brand offers a beautiful array of products that catch the eye. 

Its social media follows suit and offers an aesthetically pleasing visual, but that’s not the only reason why we have chosen to feature this brand this week.

Want to hear what else we love about Oliver Bonas’s social media? Then keep on reading… 

New In Highlight

A great way retail brands can use social media to advertise products is by showing consumers what new items have arrived online and in store. 

By giving consumers a first glimpse at these products through daily posts, it ensures that the brand is continually at the forefront of their minds – and might even help to inspire a purchase.

Oliver Bonas cleverly features its new items in its Story Highlight  on its Instagram feed named ‘New In’.

This means its audience can refer back to this story and audience anytime, even once the story has disappeared. 

It’s almost like an unedited virtual catalogue for consumers to browse out of their own free will.

Oliver Bonas has utilised this tool in a way to create content that has its target audiences swarming over.

Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas
Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas
Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas

Furry Friends

As a way to add a personable feel to social media accounts, many brands have started to reveal behind the scenes content. 

From faces of the team to working from home set ups, consumers are able to see who is actually behind the brand. 

But, interestingly, Oliver Bonas has gone down a different route to add this approachable feel to its feed. 

Rather, they showcase the team’s furry pets to its followers in a dedicated highlight: ‘Pets of OB’.

This is a great way to connect with its audience on a more personal level.

Plus who doesn’t love seeing a furry friend on their social media feed?

Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas
Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas

Be Well IGTV Series

Oliver Bonas has taken the Instagram IGTV feature by storm.

A great way to have structure when creating content for this tool is by having a dedicated series.

This means consumers can look out for your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly content and stay tuned for the next episode in the series.

One stand out series we want to talk about is its ‘Be Well’ series. 

This series revolved around self-care and making consumers feel metally and physically refreshed – something which has hit hard in the current pandemic. 

From a workout skincare routine to wellness guides and stationary, Oliver Bonas has effortlessly tuned into the benefits of how its specific products can provide you with that feel-good factor.

It not only helps to promote its best-sellers but also enables the brand to focus on the key benefits specific items can have.

Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas

Shop Till You Drop: Product Tag Heaven 

As a retail brand, it is extremely important to use the shopping tools available on social media platforms to help people easily and effortlessly shop online. 

With the popular tool of product tags on Instagram, Oliver Bonas’ feed has encompassed this feature and uses it to its advantage.

From close up imagery to fabulous flat lays, this brand makes shopping an enjoyable and simple experience.

If a consumer sees a product they like, they can tap on the image and the item tag appears. 

They can then click on this and be sent to the website and specific product in order to make the purchase within a few taps. 

Through the brand’s aesthetically pleasing imagery, it is safe to say that making a purchase could never have been more tempting.

Not only this, but the brand utilises the shop toolbar on its Instagram feed as shown below.

This provides an array of products to purchase all in the one place. So consumers can scroll through this virtual catalogue, save them or view them on its website. 

The possibilities really are endless…

Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas
Image credit: Instagram @oliverbonas

What do you love about Oliver Bonas’s social media?