Leading Brands And Their Social Activity: Spotlight Focus: Nespresso

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity: Spotlight Focus: Nespresso

Did someone say coffee? Someone must have mentioned it already – especially on this fine Monday morning…

But what is the first brand that comes into your mind when you think of this hot drink? It has to be Nespresso – it’s the leading brand when it comes to making coffee at home. 

With the power of technology, Nespresso has produced a plethora of products to suit every coffee lover’s dream.

In this blog we outline how they tick every box when it comes to its social media activity:

Reduce, Reuse Recycle

Ensuring that a brand’s ethos is known to consumers is extremely important. And Nespresso doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its values.

The brand, right from the get-go, makes sure that its customers are aware of its recycling services and multi-use packaging. 

Through its social media content, it informs consumers exactly how to recycle their pods as well as ideas on how to get crafty with coffee packaging.

Below shows how customers can transform coffee sleeve boxes into Christmas tags. 

Yes, you heard it right. You can give your Nespresso packaging a second life before throwing it away in the recycling bin.

Can’t Say No To A Giveaway

A way to increase brand awareness, or just to say thank you to your customers is through a giveaway.

Nespresso is no stranger to hosting online competitions on its social media channels. 

In their latest giveaway, consumers had to firstly share their #MyNespressoMoment – a photo of themselves making a cup of coffee, their coffee setup or an image of their favourite coffee. 

Then they had to simply tag Nespresso and comment friends who they like to win.

This is a genius way to gather User Generated Content (UGC) whilst spreading brand awareness and most importantly, giving back to the public.

Tis the season to be giving after all…

From Cherry To Cup

Where does my coffee come from?

Nespresso answers this question through its clever and engaging content creation. 

This is done through a series of masterclasses on its website. 

The brand helps to educate the public on the process that’s involved in order to create its delicious coffee.

From farming to harvesting, by the time you’ve read through its intriguing informative information and watched its engaging videos you’ll be a coffee connoisseur. I promise.

Become A Barista 

Ever wanted to master making a barista style coffee from home? Well, Nespresso has you covered.

On its website and YouTube Channel, you can watch the video: Nespresso Barista Masterclass.

From mochas to cappuccino, Nespresso educates you on all you need to know.

YouTube is a great social media platform to share personable and knowledgeable step by step tutorials. 

This is just one way consumers can make the most out of a purchase. Once ordering their Nespresso, coffee users can then recreate specific coffees from the comfort of their own home.

Sharing Your Coffee Moment

Nespresso is all about seeing your Nespresso coffees.

Through its hashtag: #MyNespressoMoment, users are encouraged to share images of their coffees they have created with Nespresso products.

This incorporates a personable feel to its social media feeds whilst inspiring others.

Below is just one example of a content creators image they had posted using the hashtag. And who can’t say no to liking cute pictures of dogs AND coffee.

What do you love about Nespressos’ social media platforms?