Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: M&S

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: M&S

Everyone knows Marks and Spencer (M&S) for various reasons. From its adverts on TV that make your mouth water to its signature and scrumptious Colin The Caterpillar Cake.

M&S was founded in 1884 when Michael Marks, a Polish refugee opened a market stall in Leeds, with the slogan ‘don’t ask the price, it’s a penny’*. Since then, the store as we know it today was formed…

As it stands the brand has 154K followers on its ‘food only’ Instagram account: @marksandspencerfoodpr.

In the following article, we evaluate what the brand does to make its audience go ‘bananas’. As the saying once said: is the proof really in the pudding?

Carry on reading to find out…

The Food Says It All 

M&S utilises Instagram as a way to showcase its latest food in store. It lets its content do the talking – which is a major factor in its social media success.  

With the use of high quality pictures that pick up every last crumb, consumers are immediately drawn to engaging with these eye-catching posts.

It’s safe to say that you can almost imagine what the food tastes like just through these deliciously divine images. 

Engaging With Its Audience

Everyone is guilty of taking a picture of their food every now and then and even sharing it online. 

The brand takes full advantage of this guilty pleasure and reposts people’s pictures of their M&S feasts – whether that be a close up shot or a slow motion video of someone digging a fork in for example. 

Engaging with consumers is just as important as getting content out there. 

More people will be likely to share images with the brand if they see others getting reposted. In turn this also increases brand awareness through consumers and their followers. 

Advertising Its Signature Products

M&S are not only associated with its savoury mouth watering dishes, but also its signature sweet treats. 

From Percy Pigs to Colin The Caterpillar Cake, the brand is famous for these instantly recognisable treats and even to the extent that the brand has an Instagram account for Colin: @official_colinthecaterpillar.

As the brand continues to develop both online and offline – what started with just a ‘birthday’ Colin, has continued to extend and develop its offering, along with its brand awareness, to feature various versions of Colin such as Frankencolins.

Collaborating With TV Stars

When famous icons work with brands such as M&S, its social media awareness grows at a rapid pace. 

Many people have the unconscious thought that if a celebrity likes a product, then it has to be good. 

The brand uses ambassadors from the likes of Kate Lawler to Fred Sirieix to promote its products. I mean, what celebrity would turn down the opportunity to work with M&S?

This may leave a slight hole in the brand’s wallet, but the recognition as a result is worth every penny…

What do you love about M&S and its social media content?