Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: John Lewis

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: John Lewis

Everyone knows about the well renowned department store, John Lewis.

But I bet you didn’t know that this lucrative company started way back in 1864 when its first small draper’s shop opened on Oxford Street, London.  Yes, you heard it right 1864.

It was only in 2001 when Johnlewis.com was born and since has taken over the social media sphere.

Do you want to know why we have chosen John Lewis for our spotlight focus this week? 

Well then, keep on reading to find out…

The Advert Everyone Is Talking About

It wouldn’t be right to not talk about its notoriously well-known and thought provoking Christmas TV adverts.

Through capturing people’s imaginations and triggering emotions there is a wave of silence when the advert appears on people’s TVs for the first time…

It immediately lifts people’s Christmas spirits within just a few seconds of being exposed to this digital curation. 

And in true John Lewis Style, this year they did not disappoint…

Titled  “Give a Little Love”, the advert is inspired by the sense of community spirit shown by the British public during the coronavirus pandemic.

It includes numerous different characters who each perform touching acts of kindness.

It couldn’t be more spot on and is evidence for what everyone has been through this year.

Without these small acts of kindness and everyone coming together, we wouldn’t have been able to get through this challenging year.

That’s why we aren’t surprised that on YouTube alone, the number of views currently stands at 3,767,890.

Image credit: YouTube @JohnLewis&Partners

Digital Online Catalogue 

John Lewis has perfected its way of displaying products to its consumers.

Through picture perfect, crisp images in real life settings, it’s as if its Instagram feed is a virtual catalogue.

Not to mention, its addition of product tags to entice people to pursue with a purchase.

Virtual window shopping has become a reality with its social media aesthetic, except the temptation through its eye catching imagery is everso more prominent.

Its social media feeds may result in more than just ‘browsing’, and it’s safe to say that no-one is complaining.

Image credit: Instagram @johnlewisandpartners
Image credit: Instagram @johnlewisandpartners

The Masters Of IGTVS

John Lewis has transferred its videography skills from its advert onto its social media platforms. 

Specifically on Instagram, the brand has a vast offering of IGTV videos for its users to feel inspired, motivated and most importantly be entertained.

From tips for a festive table setting, to a 25 minute beginner workout with Davina Mccall, there truly is something for everyone.

Image credit: Instagram @johnlewisandpartners

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle And Body Positivity 

The internet is becoming a space where people are more savvy with who they choose to follow and the values they promote. 

John Lewis advertises its active range in a honest and inspiring way.

Through on-trend imagery and positive messages, John Lewis has hit the nail on the head.

People are often faced with a misconstrued depiction of ‘real life’ on social media. 

Examples include edited, picture perfect bodies and the act of breastfeeding being hidden from the public eye.

But this is all beginning to change, and John Lewis are true examples of this turning point for content on social media.

These pictures below are only a few examples of how John Lewis has accomplished so much through the power of social media.

Image credit: Instagram @johnlewisandpartners
Image credit: Instagram @johnlewisandpartners

What do you love about John Lewis’ social media?