Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Innocent

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Innocent

This week for our leading brands blog we are evaluating a popular smoothie brand most will be familiar with: Innocent.

There is a fun story as to how the brand was founded was back in 1999, after selling its smoothies at a music festival. 

Innocent put up a large sign next to its stall, asking consumers if they thought the founders should give up their jobs to make smoothies.

With two support bins – one saying yes and another with no –  the smoothie maker got people to vote with their empty bottles

At the end of the weekend Innocent’s yes bin was full and just like that, Innocent’s tremendous journey began….

We love its innovative ideas on social media which is why we have chosen to put this brand in the spotlight this week.

Here’s what we feel the brand does incredibly well:

Its Big Knit Initiative

Have you seen those super cute knitted hats on Innocent smoothies?

This is part of Innocent’s great initiative with Age UK, which sees 25p from every purchase donated to this charity. 

The money raised goes towards providing practical and emotional support for older generations. 

Fancy taking up a new hobby? Anyone can knit these adorable hats to go on top of Innocent bottles. 

Once you have knitted a tiny hat, you can drop them off at you nearest Age UK charity shop

In 2018/2019 a whopping 1.5 million tiny hats were knitted.

Well done Innocent, this is a great cause to be supporting and encouraging the people others to get involved with too. 

Image credit: Instagram @innocent
Image credit: Instagram @innocent

It can be difficult to stand out online.

Innocent has got creative and came up with an entertaining and humorous way to incorporate the power of its social media to shout out about The Big Knit campaign.

Linking with the idea of knitting a wooly hat they showcase sheep without their wooly coat.

The sheep then look as if they are talking with subtitles appearing on the short video clips.

We love how Innocent has taken this simple yet effective approach to let people know about a great cause it is supporting.

Image credit: Instagram @innocent
Image credit: Instagram @innocent

Highlighting The Benefits

Smoothies are sometimes deemed as being sugary drinks without much goodness.

Well, that interpretation is wrong.

Innocent highlights the benefits of its smoothies from the vitamins to the fruit and veg which is in every bottle.

As you can see below, the brand has fun with how it displays this content – through light-hearted and eye-catching methods. 

Image credit: Instagram @innocent

More Than Just Smoothies

Who said if you are a brand on social media, you just have to post about your products?


Below shows just two examples of how Innocent tie in its seasonal content, in humorous ways.

From guides to rules that many can relate to.

Innocent has taken the seriousness out of social media, and it works a treat.

Image credit: Instagram @innocent
Image credit: Instagram @innocent

Controversial Smoothies

Are you seeing things?

Nope, those really are Heinz beans in an Innocent smoothie bottle…

Innocent have demonstrated that Fake News doesn’t have to be demoralising.

Whilst some may be shocked, it certainly creates a scene on social media and gets users talking.

This is a great example of how a brand can step out its comfort zone and have fun with content.

Image credit: Instagram @innocent
Image credit: Instagram @innocent

What do you love about Innocent’s social media?