Leading brands and their social activity. Spotlight Focus: IKEA

Leading brands and their social activity.

Spotlight Focus: IKEA

For our new weekly blog series, we are analysing leading brands and their social media platforms and efforts to determine who is best in class. 

First up in the spotlight is IKEA. 

Founded in 1943 as a tiny Swedish mail-order catalogue business, IKEA has gone from strength to strength. It has thrived recently both offline and online, hitting one million followers as of late.

It’s impossible to deny that the annual IKEA trip isn’t a phenomenon here in the UK – but IKEA’s cult has now spread across the core social media channels. 

With the #hotdogchallenges surfacing on Twitter to Sam Smith’s recent claim that he’d never been to an IKEA until now – it’s safe to say that there’s no escaping IKEA’s killer marketing presence. 

So, what can other brands learn from IKEA’s social media example? 

Not only does it post discounts, promotions and giveaways across its core channels, but it is also extremely responsive to its following in answering any questions or queries. 

It always seems to go one step further to ensure high customer satisfaction which in turn leads to its killer marketing presence. 

But, what actually are the driving forces of its success? We highlight our key findings in the below blog: 

  1. Home inspiration

IKEA is known for providing aesthetically pleasing home interior setups that allow consumers to envision living a life with their furniture. There is a talent for setting up showrooms. As they say, the eye is in the detail…

This is reflected in the imagery it features across its social media platforms. The brand has all the tools to make its social content fun yet informative. 

A great example of this is its recent paid social campaign which shared suggestive ideas on how consumers can recycle everyday products into quirky pieces for around the home. 

It showcases other people’s imagery of how they have incorporated IKEA’s items into their home interiors. This not only enables consumers to picture items in real life settings but also allows the brand to connect with its audience on a more personable level.

And it’s not just about following interior trends, IKEA uses imagery that persuades the audience that they need its furniture and products in their life, all done through high-quality pictures, in real life settings that make the products stand out. 

  1. YouTube sensation

Everyone is guilty of watching IKEA hauls, home transformations or DIY projects now and again.

Consumers love to see how IKEA’s furniture is styled in a room, or what exactly the products look like in ‘real life’. People want to get a feel for what the products are like ahead of making that long-awaited trip to IKEA. 

IKEA has been tapping into this market by utilising a Home Tour Series videos, which feature lifestyle influencers and long-form blog writers whom offered their tips and tricks as part of an ‘everyday routine’ piece. 

As soon as consumers spot those huge blue bags, overflowing with items, it’s safe to say that they are immediately intrigued.

  1. All inclusivity

IKEA has been associated with a wide demographic thanks to its all-inclusive price tag –  from homeowners to renters and even university students.

This is a leading factor as to why its on and offline presence is so big. When people associate buying furniture, the majority of which will search on IKEA first. 

The reasons for this are: it’s affordable, has a wide variety of products and it even offers home delivery, so consumers don’t even need to leave the house to get what they need. 

  1. Pandemic positives

Another reason why Ikea has thrived on social media as of late is due to the pandemic.

People have been confined to their homes and have pinpointed areas of their house which are in need of some TLC.

And especially now many people continue to work from home, it has become more important than ever to create a home that offers a multifunctioning workspace.

IKEA has become a saving grace for consumers when it comes to revamping the home without breaking the bank. 

This has ramped up IKEA’s social media awareness, engagement and interaction massively. 

What do you love about IKEA’s social media?