Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Farrow & Ball

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Farrow & Ball

Often when you think of a ‘luxurious paint brand’, your mind immediately is drawn to Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball began way back in 1946 with local pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, who shared a passion for making rich colours to original formulations using only the finest ingredients.

Associated with being on the more luxurious end of the scale when it comes to paint, the brand has connotations of being simply the best… 

But why? 

It’s not just down to the eye-catching colours it offers, it’s the clever branding on social media. 

Which is why today we are going to strip away the layers of paint and understand how they thrive and have a whopping one million following online.

  1. Snapshots Into Real Homes

Nothing draws people in more than being able to envision themselves with something. 

Albeit, it’s only paint but the transformation it can make to a room is considerable, and this shows.

Rather than posting images of picture perfect show rooms, Farrow & Ball go for a different approach.

The brand reposts images of other people’s homes to get a window into how other people choose to use the paint.

This enables the brand to have something for everyone, if you have a specific interior style or want to go for a specific shade of paint, the brand has you covered. 

These pictures will make you want to get your dungarees on and your paint brush at the ready. 

  1. The Face Behind The Team With IGTVs

Recently, brands are taking down its professional facade and showing you who the faces behind the brand are. 

By using the infamous Instagram IGTV tool, Farrow & Ball do various videos whereby its team introduce themselves and get involved.

From tips for decorating your hallway with it’s colour curator to a virtual colour consultancy, Farrow & Ball will entertain, educate and inspire you. 

  1. Promotion Through Highlight Covers 

It is crucial to ensure your brand’s social media platforms are aesthetically pleasing in order to gain more followers. 

Farrow & Ball does this seamlessly, through using blocks of colour for its highlight covers.

These not only stand out in a bold yet coherent way, but they are also hints of similar paint colours the brand has to offer. 

Immediately, Farrow & Ball has captured you with its marketing and unconsciously without knowing, you are planning what colour you could paint a room in your house…

  1. Answer The Critics Series

Whilst receiving criticism from consumers can be helpful, Farrow & Ball has gone down a different approach when replying to these comments.

It has taken these criticisms and turned them into its very own series ‘Farrow & Ball Answers The Critics’. 

This series simultaneously proves the criticisms wrong whilst advertising the main selling point of it’s modern emulsion finish… it’s wipeable. 

From being told it’s impractical, to being a disaster when you have kids, they write it out on the wall and simply wipe it away. 

Clever? We think so. 

What do you love about Farrow & Ball’s social media platforms?