Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is a forward thinking company which has made its stamp in the makeup industry.

It’s the first luxury beauty buyers club in the industry with items from over 50 of the world’s leading third-party labs without the high price tags.

With an option to select a membership suited to your needs, users are given an allowance. The total from your products is then taken off your allowance, but you only pay a fraction of that price.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

The innovative brand prides itself on its ethos of making beauty products affordable to the mass market. It does this by cutting out intermediaries and avoiding expensive real estate whilst providing product quality and efficiency

As stated by Aly, studio manager at Beauty Pie: “We’re disrupting the beauty industry. In fact, we’re blowing the mainstream way wide open.”

Many ask, is Beauty Pie any good?

The simple answer to this is yes!

Consumers are interested in what’s inside the product and how its ingredients can benefit them. As the saying goes: Don’t read a book by its cover, Beauty Pie has encompassed this ethos in everything it does.

The company has grabbed the power of social media with both hands and expanded its brand awareness to the thousands with its current following of 215,000 over on Instagram.


Beauty Pie has focused on what its consumers want to see over on social media whilst encouraging engagement and promoting brand awareness.

With its unique hashtag #POSTYOURPIE, every week Beauty Pie brings its community together and shares user-generated content of people’s purchases on its stories.

Not only this, the company saves these to its ‘Post Your Pie’ highlight. And in return for this great content, if posts are featured, consumers will receive a special gift as a thank you. 

With this incentive, it persuades customers to share images of their purchases which rapidly helps to spread brand awareness.

Image of customers purchases from Beauty Pie
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie
Post your pie image
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie
Product Promotion Reviews

Beauty Pie utilises its social media platforms as a tool to promote new products, ingredients and state the benefits included.

The company posts IGTV collaborations with influencers such as makeup artist @hannahmartinmakeup as shown in the image below. Hannah Martin is an influential makeup artist with 112,000 followers on Instagram and is a well-known columnist for Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine.

Beauty Pie IGTV
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie

Immediately, attention is drawn to the video with the cover photo of someone wanting to call you or in this case ‘IGTV you’. The eye-catching design makes users want to pick up the phone and answer or in this circumstance watch the video. 

Clever? We think so.

In the video, Hannah Martin talks through Beauty Pie’s new product ‘Makeup Reviver’ and shows a step by step guide of how and when to apply it. 

From seeing the dramatic difference this product makes, it helps to inform consumers on what it does whilst convincing them why they need it.

Beauty Pie has also featured supermodel Paulina Porizkova (@paulinaporizkov) in a video talking about her skincare routine including its Japanfusion Cleanser and Hydra Prep. 

In the caption of these IGTVs, information is conveyed stating all the products mentioned in the video, an explanation of what the product does and why you need to purchase it with your membership.

Pie Day Products

And it doesn’t stop there. Beauty Pie has coined its very own day: ‘Pie Day’.

Pie Day is when Beauty Pie members can get products without chipping into their allowance. 

It posts scroll stopping graphics with text ‘PIE DAY’ overlaid on the video of close up shots of the product on offer that day.

In the caption of this clip, it states what product is included for consumers in the UK and USA . It also delves deeper into what the product does, the benefits and results you can get from using it.

In order to help its consumers to take advantage of this limited offer, it outlines a simple step by step guide on how to redeem it.

This strategic and creative advertising technique draws consumers in and keeps Beauty Pie at the centre of their mind.

Users will want to stay tuned into its social channels in order to remain aware of such offers, and as a result, drives engagement rates on an on-going basis. 

Pie day image
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie
Super Retinol Challenge

Everyone loves taking part in a challenge and Beauty Pie has tapped into this social technique.

From 2nd January, Beauty Pie has outlined its 30-day Super Retinol Challenge whereby consumers apply the Super Retinol product for this period of time. 

In return, the goal is to let other social media users see what happens if you add a layer of this product under your other serums and moisturisers every day for a month. 

The brand has also encouraged participants to send in images of their face before they start the challenge and after, with the chance to be one of 10 users to win another month of Super Retinol supplies for free.

This challenge is a chance for its consumers to incorporate this new step into their routine whilst evaluating the difference it can make to their complexion.

It also encourages other consumers to make the leap, and purchase the product, helping to drive product sales overall. 

Super Retinol
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie
Tap To Shop

Ever wondered what Phoebe Dynevor, well-known accredited actress best recently known for playing Daphne in Bridgerton wears on her face?

Well, we have answers. 

Beauty Pie reposted an image from the cover of @GRAZIAUK featuring her wearing some of its sought after products.

With the Tap To Shop tool on Instagram, Beauty Pie has taken advantage of a great form of promoting its products whilst making the buying process simple and efficient. 

The caption outlines the exact products she is wearing so consumers can refer back to this at any time, anywhere. 

This was an effective collaboration which has makeup addicts and Bridgerton fans head over heels for the Beauty Pie products used. 

Photo of Phoebe Dynevor wearing Beauty Pie makeup
Image credit: Instagram @beautypie

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