Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Aldi

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Aldi

For this week’s leading brand and social media activity focus, the spotlight is on Aldi.

I bet you didn’t know that Aldi was actually short for ‘Albrecht Discount’… or did you? 

This well known mainstream grocery shop was first opened in Essen, Germany by Anna Albrecht in 1913, before being taken over and expanded by her sons Theo and Karl in 1948*.

It currently stands that Aldi has a great following of 601k on Instagram and 422.6k on Twitter.

So – what does it do on social media that really makes it stand out from the grocery crowd? 

From aesthetically pleasing flatlays of food that makes us drool, to relatable humorous tweets that give everyone a good laugh. The brand really is breaking the mould of being a serious grocery brand contender and is using social media as an online space to be as fun and interactive as possible with its consumers. 

This brand has grown, both online and offline in recent years so this week we’re taking a look at what it has done to become so successful: 

1.) Humorous Tweets

The brand has taken Twitter by storm thanks its incredibly humorous and relatable content. 

One great example is content is shown below:

Image credit: Twitter @AldiUK

The brand also Tweets and tags other brands, creating a witty conversation for its consumers to be entertained by. 

Image credit: Twitter @AldiUK

By doing this, it creates more user engagement from the brands which are tagged and Aldi itself. 

Collaborating together doesn’t have to be creating a product, it can be simply starting a conversation online. This makes the brand more personable, fun and well known.

2.) Aesthetically pleasing flatlays 

So, you’ve been to Aldi, stocked up on all your groceries, now what?

The brand has taken Instagram to a whole new level. 

It posts eye-catching flatlays of recipes that look as good as they are to eat. This provides inspiration for its consumers in a creative and fun way.

This is a great way to use this platform, with the CTA of going to its website and its recipe page. As people recreate its recipes it increases engagement and interaction with its page, from foodies, to people who are learning to cook. 

This platform not only educates its audience but also advertises its products in a carefully curated way. 

3.) Multiple accounts

A recent addition to the brand’s social media marketing strategy is the multiple account approach – and has used this tool to recently incorporate the account: @aldispecialbuysuk.

Everyone knows the brand is famous for its random special buys, which usually coincide with the various seasons and trends. 

To spread the awareness of what special items it has in stores, the brand has furthered its social strategy by advertising its freshest new in-store items on this new account. 

Not only is this an environmentally friendly way to advertise, it enables consumers to interact with the brand. 

With the use of the hashtag #AisleofAldi, consumers are not only providing free advertising but they are also showcasing the brand’s page to their following. This simultaneously increases the brand awareness of Aldi.

So, what’s next for Aldi? 

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