JD Wetherspoon Closes All Social Media Accounts After Continued ‘Trolling’

Tim Martin - JD Wetherspoon

Well-known pub chain, JD Wetherspoon has made an unexpected move and decided to close all of it’s B2C social media accounts.

The move comes as a result of continued ‘trolling’ by customers, concerns by owners of the ‘addictive’ nature of social media and online critics aimed at MPs.

With immediate effect, the pub’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will cease to exist.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin commented:

“We are going against conventional wisdom that these platforms are a vital component of a successful business.

I don’t believe that closing these accounts will affect our business whatsoever”.

The chain, which has over 900 pubs in the UK, plans to continue it’s digital marketing efforts through the Wetherspoon’s News magazine, after making the move last year, to delete it’s entire mailing list.

One issue, which arrises from such a bold move is that customers will continue to mention the brand in social media posts, both positive and negative, however now there’s no one to respond.

Brands constantly receive criticism by social media users, some deal with it better than others. Take Tesco, Argos and Greggs for example.

There has been rumours circulating, on social media of course, that the decision made by senior board members is due to the lack of understanding of social media and the power it has to influence consumers.

Perhaps, like many bold brand moves today, it’s one to generate PR. Which of course, it did.

Only time will tell, the good news for all Wetherspoon’s customers is that the famous ordering app continues to live on. You just wont’t be able to tweet them when your English breakfast and pint combination arrives at your table.