Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?

We’ve all heard of it, but how many of us actually use Pinterest for Business? And if we are using it, what’s the benefit?

Pinterest is generally discussed as being the ‘underdog’ of social media and thus often ignored. But there are a great number of benefits to using the platform and also a huge amount of features that you can take advantage of to help you reach new customers. Below we discuss the benefits of Pinterest for your Business, to help you figure out if this is the right platform for you.


According to the site, 90% of active pinners discussed the platform as being helpful when it came to making purchase decisions. And with over 200 million active users, there is huge potential for businesses. A further 70% also said that they used the site to find new products, which makes Pinterest a great platform to discover new customers for your business.

Additionally, Pinterest is a platform for the grown-ups, with around 31% of all adults using the platform on a regular basis. This is huge for a growing site like Pinterest, seeing as Instagram is only used by 28% of adults and it also allows businesses to target a slightly different age range than that on other platforms.


Pinterest is often discussed as being a ‘visual discovery tool’, and in turn, is a great platform for businesses that work within an aesthetic-focused industry,  such as fashion, interiors and cooking. And with the new ‘recommended pins’ feature and the ability to promote pins, it’s easier than ever for your target market to view and engage with your products.

Buying Behaviour

We all know the ‘decision-making process’ and that the key to making sales, is getting customers whilst in the information search stage. Things are equally similar on Pinterest, but with one major difference. Most users on this platform, plan months in advance, which means businesses can easily snap consumers up, whilst they are still in the early stages of this step.


Last, but certainly not least, Pinterest can help hugely in discovering and anticipating new trends. A report that was recently released by Pinterest, regarding 2018 Wedding trends saw an incline in the number of women wanting long-sleeved dresses and a decline in searches for extravagant cakes and venues, thus showing the change to a more traditional style of wedding. From this example alone, it’s easy to see how the platform can have a huge effect on shaping business strategy and the types of product sold.

So, do you still not think Pinterest is for your Business? If your answer has changed to no, congratulations, you’ve opened a door to infinite pinnable possibilities…