Instagrammability: The New Holiday Trend

What is Instagrammability?

If you head onto urban dictionary and search ‘Instagrammable’ the definition you’ll get is;

‘if the picture you have taken is an Instagram worthy photo’.

More and more individuals (millennials in particular) are analysing, scrutinising and postulating over what is worth making it onto their profiles, often taking hundreds of photos at a time for that perfect shot. Aesthetics are everything, but how far are we willing to go?

iPhone capturing picture of pier

Who’s Setting The Trend?

A recent survey, conducted by the World Travel Market has shown that 78% of 25-34-year-olds pick a holiday destination based on the amount of social media envy they can cause amongst their followers. This is also followed by 63% of 18-24-year-olds preferring to capture the perfect Instagram photo, as opposed to getting drunk. So it’s not surprising that just a few days ago, Club 18 – 30 owned by Thomas Cook, finally closed its doors.

champagne over-looking sea

What Else Is It Affecting?

The shift in destination and holiday interests has been huge. And the number of young people posting their content on Instagram has seen a change in the way tourism is advertised. For example, Switzerland Tourism has their own Instagram account, but none of the content is their own. They instead rely 100% on user-generated content (UGC) and it’s not surprising considering the amount of content uploaded with location and hashtags.

people swimming with fish

What Are Users Getting Out Of It?

UGC can even be rewarded! Many hotels have monitors in place that let them know when someone uses their location tag. This can result in the bare minimum, from a like or comment from the hotel page to a more lavish appreciation, such as being sent a free bottle of Champagne, something that Marriott International is currently running.

Girl having picnic by golden gate bridge

How Can The Trend Be Monetised?

Fujifilm has taken this new generation of aesthetic-lovers head-on, by designing their own ‘picture-perfect’ island, just off the coast of Fiji. It’s a marketing strategy made in heaven. Just to give you a quick overview, the Islands private quarters can hold up to 8 people, with onsite gourmet chefs, cocktails on demand and the latest Fujifilm technology. But at over £1700 per night for two people, many won’t be visiting anytime soon.

girl sat on beach by water

Instagram Husbands

And with instagrammable locations, comes Instagram husbands. For those of you not familiar with the term, this is basically an individual (normally a boyfriend or husband), willing or not willing to take photos of their partner for their Instagram profile. So not only can you not drink on holiday anymore, but you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time (reluctantly) getting that perfect shot, which is never right first time around. In fact, there is now a website dedicated to Instagram husbands, providing them with ‘hint and tips’ to get through those Summer Holidays and Christmas Getaways.

Girl looking out over sea in infinity pool

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