Instagram Update Revealed: Keyword Search Has Arrived

Instagram Update Revealed: Keyword Search Has Arrived

You’ve heard it right – Instagram has announced that it will be FINALLY incorporating keyword search into its platform. 

The days of endlessly searching for hashtags or accounts are soon to be long gone. 

It’s safe the possibilities are soon going to be boundless with this new feature.

  1. Who can use it?

So, who is going to be able to use this tool? 

The platform has announced that it will be available in six English-speaking countries. Some of these include the UK, US, Ireland and Canada.

  1. Then Vs Now

Before, Instagram users could only search for content using hashtags which meant that posts that were tagged with that ‘term’ came up. 

And in some cases this meant that it was difficult to zero in on the images and videos you needed. 

But now, the platform’s new feature will enable users to search keywords and imagery related to the relevant term will come up, even if the tag is non-existent on that post.

For example, if you wanted to see images of ‘dogs’ user can simply search with that keyword rather than scrolling through a bunch of different hashtags in search of content.

How Instagram will identify the content it reveals is still a bit of a mystery at the moment, however. 

  1. How To Navigate The New Feature 

In order to navigate the new feature follow the simple steps below:

  1. Head over to the microscope symbol on the bottom toolbar
  1. Search in your keyword
  1. Select the keyword at the top 
  1. You will then be shown all images related to that specific keyword


Image credit: @Instagram

Image credit: @Instagram

Image credit: @Instagram

  1. How Do Images Appear?

According to Instagram themselves, it will use multiple factors to determine which content it presents in keyword searches,

For example, the type of content, captions and when it was posted. 

It has also stated that it will be using a machine which will learn, gather and push the highest quality content that’s relevant to users. 

  1. This Is Only The Beginning

However, to begin with this new feature will have its limits. 

As stated by Instagram: “The search is limited to general interest topics and keywords that are within our community guidelines”. 

Whilst, this may be limited at first this is a great start. 

Keyword searching will enable users to efficiently and quickly find what they want and engage with the content they are looking for within just a few clicks.

Will you be using this new feature?