Instagram Live Has Arrived On Desktop

As a result of lockdown, there has been a significant increase in the number of users accessing social platforms.

A feature which has been very much in the spotlight is Instagram Live, a tool which allows users to stream directly to their followers.

Accounts can use Instagram Live to start Q&A sessions or add another user to the stream, which has proven to be particularly popular during the current restrictions.

It’s a valuable tool for all businesses across vast industries in keeping an audience engaged.

We have seen a rise in the usage of the feature, especially amongst musicians performing for their fans.

Likewise, interviewers have still been able to provide valuable content for their followers by conducting live interviews over the platform.

We’ve also witnessed a number of businesses utilising live streams to show off their product offerings and discuss with customers what new items they would like to see.

Instagram Live has now brought the popular feature to desktop, providing users with another way to interact with the fun tool.

The live stream still plays in a mobile format, but the comments and reactions display at the side of the video, therefore improving the overall usability for the audience.

Perhaps the greatest part of Instagram Live now being available on desktop is that users can share a URL link for video. Previously, all that the content creator could do was direct individuals to their Instagram channel.

This makes promoting a live stream a LOT easier and could result in an increase of viewers across the platform.

It is tough to determine how many people will actually watch Instagram Live via their desktop, but the innovation does provide greater opportunity for the platform to receive more visitors.

It will definitely be interesting to see if this has a significant impact on the way users interact with the site.

What do you think about this innovation? Would you use your desktop to watch Instagram Live videos?