Instagram Launch New Features To Support The LGBTQ+ Community

Gender has been under the spotlight and more and more, individuals are neither identifying as male or female. In response to the gender fluid movement, Instagram has launched brand new options for non-conforming users.

The added Instagram options will include; ‘gender non-conforming’ or ‘non-specified’.

instagram has more gender options

These custom options have become available as part of their Pride month campaign, which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

On top of Instagram is also introducing other features to support the campaign. For example, when users use the #LGBTQ and #EqualityMatters hashtags, they will appear in rainbow colours. Another feature that they have introduced is a rainbow ring, similar to the green ring shown on stories shared with ‘close friends’, that will appear when anyone uses the Pride hashtags.

instagram has more gender options

In a new press release, Instagram said that they wanted ‘to be more inclusive and reflective of how people self-identify today’.

‘This year, we’re celebrating the vibrant LGBTQ+ community that calls Instagram home with #UntoldPride — honouring history, empowering queer expression, and fostering safety across the platform,’.

‘We’re rolling out colourful tools to help our community celebrate, updating our gender options in Profile and releasing an LGBTQ+ teen guide in partnership with The Trevor Project.’

The suicide prevention organisation, The Trevor Project, have teamed up with the platform in order to help young people live positive lives while navigating their identities.

Instagram will also be further celebrating the month by collaborating with the account, @lgbt_history to create 10 murals around New York.

instagram has more gender options