Instagram Is Now Testing A ‘Shops’ Tab

Instagram is testing a ‘Shops’ tab on the main navigation bar.

This feature will allow users to shop via the platform with greater ease, allowing users to still filter products by categories and interests as they can today via the existing experience. 

The main difference being that the Shop icon will replace the heart icon (Activity) in Instagram’s main navigation.

Currently users have to access the shop feature via the explore page. 

The new placement will allow brands to gain extra product exposure and allow consumers to interact more easily with items. 

Instagram will also be recommending products which they believe to be of interest to the specific user, providing a complete streamlined shopping experience. 

In terms of the actual purchasing of products, some brands may choose to direct users to their websites, whilst others may sell directly through the Instagram platform.

This means that the Activity section now be situated in the top right corner, where the direct messaging tab is currently located. 

This isn’t the first time Instagram has downgraded this tab, last year it removed the feature that let users see which posts their friends and co-workers were liking.

Do you think this is a good move for Instagram?