Instagram Adds A Host Of New Features

Instagram is making our lives easier and easier, every day with the addition of countless new features every year. But, to end our 2018 right, they’ve added three great new features, that are both applicable to personal and business profiles. 

‘Walkie Talkie’ Voice Messages

Sending each other DM’s is now a thing of the past. Now, we all have the ability to send each other voice notes, making conversing with one another that little bit easier. All you need to do is hold down the microphone button to record an audio message. 

This is a fantastic feature that brands could utilise, as it gives them the ability to personalise and tailor their product/service offering to each specific customer. Maybe a customer wants to know when their order will arrive, or simply wants to know a little bit more about your brand, it opens up countless ideas and opportunities.

Instagram Does Countdown

Instagram stories are brands (and persons) best friends and give you the ability to create quick, throwaway content to show things going on in yours (or the brands) life. There are so many stickers within Instagram Stories that you can use to highlight important features, including adding GIFS, tagging in other accounts, including music; and now, a countdown feature as well.

The sticker is perfect for brands, especially those who may have up-coming events, as well as counting down to days such as Black Friday, Christmas and so much more. We recommend using it on top of a specially curated template that embodies the brand, to create maximum impact on your audience.

Send To ‘Close Friends’

One of the newest Instagram features is the ability to send Instagram Stories to a select group of people, or ‘close friends’. This gives all profile types the ability to control who see’s their stories and to pick the type of audience that they want to view their story.

Although not obvious, this is a great feature for brands to be using. If you use a lot of influencers, you may want to target specific stories to them, such as including influencer processes, products that need to be pushed and so on. Alternatively, the feature could be used to target a specific gender or type of account.