How To Improve Instagram Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that Instagram has taken over the world, proving itself as one of the most popular social networking platforms. However, you may have recently have found yourself fighting with Instagram’s algorithm. This is because as users churn out more and more content, it becomes increasingly difficult to create good levels of engagement.

We’ve come up with some useful tips and hints to keep your engagement tip-top.

Build and Create New Audiences

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Now, we’re not saying this is for everyone – but you can start your account by buying followers. Once you have got yourself a fairly nice sized base, you can start to grow your account organically. However, you will need to make sure that your base followers are active and interested in your product offering. Otherwise, this will never result in conversions.

Know The Best Time To Post

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It may sound a little crazy, but knowing what time to post will drastically increase your engagement levels. You can figure this out using Instagram analytics. Within this portion of the app, you’ll be able to see when your followers are most active.

Using scheduling apps like hootsuite and Buffer will also help you to keep to your timings and allow you to spend more time focusing on your core business proposition.

Write Longer, Better Captions

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Three words and an emoji is never going to produce good levels of engagement. Instead, inform your audience on the product/ service that you’re offering to them. Let them know how it will improve their lives. Use chatty, informal language and get on your audiences level. – Don’t forget, this isn’t Twitter. Your caption can be upto 2,200 characters long.

Optimise Your Instagram Stories

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There’s no point spending your time and money on fancy designs if no-one is viewing your content. Make sure that you’re using relevant hashtags and tagging locations wherever possible.

If you’re using someone elses content, tag them in! The more you do this, the more people will see your stories, your brand name and ultimately engage with your product offering.

Reply To Direct Messages

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Ignoring DM’s or not checking them regularly may lead to your followers gaining a bad impression of your brand, and ultimately unfollowing you. Make sure you reply to as much as possible in a timely manner. Keep the conversation going and you’ll increase engagement.

And this doesn’t mean just replying to the good stuff. If someone leaves a negative comment on your product, perhaps saying that the product was delivered faulty, offer them a free product, discount code, or ask them to DM you to discuss the matter further.