Ikea’s New Advert Plays On All Our Favourite TV Shows

A recent campaign released by Ikea, aimed at it’s UAE customers have hit everyone’s good spot with its brand #RealLifeSeries

The series of adverts features all our favourites, from The Simpsons, through to Stranger Things and Friends. And what’s more? You can buy all these items from your local Ikea.

So now you can have a night-in with Rachel and Monica, a can of Duff with Homer or go alien hunting with Will and Mike.

The campaign is called #RealLifeSeries and is the work of Publicis, Spain.

 The idea behind the #RealLifeSeries is to improve engagement with UAE customers, by showing ‘relevant solutions to all cultures’. Additionally, the UAE aren’t quite as familiar with the brand as us Brits.

Vinod Jayan, MD of Ikea across the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, said that his team had been working closely with the agency for several months, going through hundreds of items to get almost perfect matches.

The campaign, although only across print at the moment, is going to be used across all social media, in catalogues and also at a live event, where the three scenarios will be physically re-created.