How To Put Your Shop On Instagram

What Is It? 

First introduced to Instagram in early 2020, ‘Shops’ is a feature on Instagram. This feature allows Instagram users to shop products within the app. 

Located in the bottom right of the app, the shop function shows Instagram users to sell their products and services. They can also still advertise products whilst reaching a larger audience. 

Instagram has a unique and precise algorithm. This algorithm ensures your products will reach consumers already interested in those similar to your own. 

How Do I Put My Products On ‘Shops’? 

The official Instagram website takes you through a 7 step process, summarised as: 

  1. A check for eligibility, make sure you turn your account into a business account (this allows you to see data on how far your business is reaching and the response it is getting)
  1. Connect to a Facebook page, upload your catalogue of products, enter your account for review (to make sure your business is legitimate)
  1. Turn on the shopping feature via settings and finally begin tagging your products in pictures on your page! 

Why Should I Have An Instagram Shop And A Normal Website? 

In 2021 we all want convenience, from next day delivery and Uber eats to VPNs allowing us to watch shows from all over the world. 

Making your products easy to access to a wide range of people is essential for the growth and development of your business. Instagram shops also make it a lot easier for customers to promote your products via posts and stories. In 3 steps, customers can add products to a basket ready to be purchased!

Instagram ensures that businesses keep their creative freedom as the shop is highly customisable. 

Lots of small businesses were forced to close shop doors and move entirely online during the COVID 19 pandemic. Instagram shops are simple and easy to navigate making the transition to online a stress-free one. 

The combination of Instagram shops, a physical store and an official website is launching new start up businesses such as ‘Elsie & Fred’. The feature brings together all the best elements of online shopping with the user-friendly aspects of Instagram.