How To Find Work In A Global Pandemic

Times are tough. Many freelancers are suffering from loss of clients and struggling with cash flow issues. 

It has never been more critical for the creative industries to embrace the new norm and uncertain future. 

Start by taking a nice deep breath! And then begin to strategically plan and review the best ways you can invest your time. 

To help provide you with some guidance, we’ve put together our top tips for bagging yourself some extra work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: 

  1. Review existing clients

Touch base with your current clients to see how they’re doing, discuss latest projects and company news. A little prompt may reveal some extra work waiting there for you. 

Even if there’s no immediate work available, a small conversation goes a long way and is a great way to remind them that you’re there if they need any support further down the line. 

  1. Update your portfolio 

As we all have a little extra time on our hands, now is the perfect time to update your CV, portfolio and showreels to draw in new interest from potential clients. 

Your work quality develops as you gain more experience so be sure you’re showcasing the best possible version of yourself. 

  1. Offer complimentary services 

Given the current climate, the majority of brands are suffering from cash flow issues. Show willing and offer some complimentary services on a temporary basis to showcase the quality of your work and draw in possible new clients. 

A little sacrifice now could lead to much bigger gains further down the line. 

  1. Embrace the new norm

Clients are going to want to know that you can help them through this tough transitioning period and evolve with them and their brand’s needs. 

Review your clients on a project by project basis and show that you are willing to be flexible and reactive to suit their new requirements. 

  1. Upskill yourself 

As mentioned in a previous blog, invest in your extra time wisely by learning new skills and developing your service offering. A great way to allow yourself to expand your services and possibly win new clients. 

Take part in online courses, webinars, practice unknown areas until it becomes perfect, delve into the world of YouTube tutorials.

Are you continuing to freelance in these uncertain times? Share your experiences with our network below…