How The British Red Cross Has Taken The World Of Social Media By Storm

How The British Red Cross Has Taken The World Of Social Media By Storm

An amazing charity close to Social Republic’s heart and one we must shout out about is the British Red Cross.

With its recent well-deserved achievement of winning The Drum’s, ‘Best Use Of TikTok Award’, we want to put this charity in the spotlight and commend its sensational social media content.

This week we explore how the British Red Cross entertains the nation with its creativity, as well as look at how it breaks the mould and makes social media a space for its staff and supporters to shine.

  1. TikTok Sensation

The British Red Cross has taken a different approach when it comes to spreading awareness of its campaigns.

In less than six months the British Red Cross has grown its following on TikTok to over 381,000.

Through lighthearted videos; the charity provides tips, advice and support in an easy-to-consume and entertaining way. 

It utilises TikTok as a creative space to reveal the faces behind the team and create a personable community for audiences to be a part of.

From first aid tips to mental health advice, it has found the perfect balance between providing help whilst keeping content lively and amusing.

Image credit: TikTok @Britishredcross

  1. Educating The Public

The charity also uses social media to provide relevant, free advice for those who need it the most.

After all, knowledge is power.

And when it comes to first aid, it’s more important than ever that people are aware of what to do when an incident occurs.

Working with Social Republic teams, the British Red Cross recently launched a first aid messenger quiz bot to educate Facebook users on skills in under one minute. Through its first aid app, users can test their knowledge to help to be prepared anytime, anywhere.

Its Instagram hashtag #SaveALife, helps to spread awareness of the quiz and highlights why first aid knowledge is so important.  This is a reason why we want to applaud what they do with the power of social media.

Image credit: Instagram @Britishredcross

  1. Getting The Public Involved

Social media is about bringing people together. 

And this is exactly what the charity does.

To celebrate its 150th birthday, the British Red Cross ran a campaign that tested public knowledge on key artefacts from its incredible history.

Organic content campaigns utilised Social Republic-created jigsaw imagery and enticing riddles to encourage social media users to guess the item in question.

Earlier this year saw the incredibly important #MilesForRefugees campaign which encouraged the public to get involved by being active, clocking their miles and sharing their progress.

Together, the public travelled over 500,000 miles and raised an outstanding £1 million to support refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants in the UK.

Image credit: Instagram @Britishredcross

What do you love about The British Red Cross’ social media content?