How Save The Children UK Are Saviours On Social Media

How Save The Children UK Are Saviours On Social Media

Save the Children is an extraordinary charity who help support children to learn, grow and become who they want to be. 

Every child deserves a future and this charity does whatever it takes for children, every day and in times of crisis. 

Donations made enable the charity to help protect children through the correct supplies, training and facilities needed in humanitarian emergencies from diseases such as pneumonia and hunger. 

And these are only a few examples of what the charity does and what donations raised contribute towards.

Through its stand out social media campaigns, the charity has gone above and beyond to spread awareness and raise donations.

With its creativity, Save The Children is a prime example of using social media for the greater good.

In this week’s edition of our Charity Spotlight we have included our favourite Save the Children social media campaigns, and hope they will inspire future social media activity from charities all over the world. 

Christmas Jumper Day Is Upon Us

It’s December, so you know what that means. It’s time to dig deep into your winter storage and bring back out the jazziest Christmas jumper you own.

Since 2012, Save the Children has created an annual fundraising campaign to help make the world better in a sweater. 

Every year on one Friday in December the charity uses social media to spread awareness of this day and get users involved.

Through its trending hashtag;#christmasjumperday and creative video clips, every year Save the Children ensures that the world has this date saved  in their diaries.

Through donations for taking part, the charity is able to help children have the life they deserve. Below are just a few examples:

  • £2 could pay for hand sanitiser to help fight coronavirus in one of Save the Children’s medical clinics
  • £6 could buy a face shield for a superhero health worker in Yemen
  • £10 could buy antibiotics to help five children beat malnutrition
  • £20 could buy a back-to-school kit for a child in Indonesia
  • £60 could buy toys and books to support children from struggling families in the UK
  • £100 could buy a first aid kit for a health worker in Somalia

Last year, the charity raised over £4 million from just this day alone, which is a massive achievement. 

This year will see Christmas jumper day take part on December 11th…. time to find that festive sweater!

Image credit: Instagram @savethechildrenuk

Save With Stories Spectacular

Another example of how this charity has gone above and beyond is through its Save with Stories campaign.

Well-known model, Poppy Delevingne is the charity’s UK ambassador and was the creator of this outstanding social media campaign.

The donations made went towards supporting children and families who have been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, both in the UK and around the world. 

Support from this campaign has helped to provide supermarket vouchers, early learning resources like books and toys and essential items, such as cots and high chairs. 

Additionally, donations went towards protective equipment, medical supplies and training for local health workers, as well as working with local health authorities to set up hospitals to treat and isolate patients with coronavirus.

In order to promote awareness of this special campaign, the charity linked up with influential and relevant celebrities.

From the likes of Paloma Faith to Paul Mescal and even The Princess Royal – partners were filmed reading children’s stories which were later shared on its Instagram page.

The goal of this campaign was to help raise money to support the most vulnerable families with food, as well as provide access to early learning resources and simple household goods. 

Through its trending hashtags:  #SaveWithStories #SaveWithStoriesUK #GrowingThroughThis the campaign exceeded expectations with the result of raising £1.4 million. 

Save The Children built a campaign that many global social media users will never forget. 

Image credit: Instagram @savethechildrenuk

Stories From Survivors

Another way the charity has utilised social media to spread awareness of its support services through sharing survivor stories. 

This not only educates the public of what its donations go towards, but also sheds a light on the positive impact donations can result in.

An example below, shows how through education and support, mother Isabella joined its Mother and Baby programme and received the guidance she needed to give her baby the best start in life.

Through learning about the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits of a mixed diet, Isabella gave birth to her happy, healthy baby, Cecilia

Now, she is helping mothers in the same way.

Isabella has become a community ambassador, sharing her knowledge with friends and neighbours.

Through these powerful and eye opening stories it is evidence for how social media can be a resource many can use to feel inspired. 

Image credit: Instagram @savethechildrenuk

Protect The Magic

An additional stand out way Save the Children has used the endless potential of social media, is through its #ProtectTheMagic campaign.

With the opening sentence: ‘When they’re safe, well and happy, children see the magic in everything…’, the charity gives an example of how through imagination, anything is possible.

From using a roll of tin foil for an astronaut’s spacesuit, to a cardboard box as a TV, it is an eye opening way to show how children have the creative mind to do anything.

The images below are examples of how materials such as cardboard can trigger imaginativeness, resourcefulness and inventiveness and that anything is possible with the right vision and mindset. 

Image credit: Instagram @savethechildrenuk
Image credit: Instagram @savethechildrenuk

Save The Children has used the power of social media to raise awareness of the charity through reading stories online by recognisable icons,  to wearing your wooliest christmas jumper a day in December. 

These creative campaigns are evidence that ideas don’t have to be over complicated to make a momentous difference.

Campaigns should encompass a positive, creative and thoughtful mindset and bring people together online. 

What do you love about Save the Childrens’ social media?