How Oxfam Continually Captures Attention With Exceptional Social Media Content

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In this week’s Charity Spotlight we are focussing on Oxfam – a global movement, working together to end poverty.

Oxfam offers support and resources to enable people to survive and thrive, and ultimately to challenge the underlying cause of the injustices many face. 

From water shortages, to the knock on effect of COVID-19 as well as women’s rights, hunger, climate emergencies and many more threats, Oxfam uses its influence to make a difference through its social media campaigns.

On average, for every £1 Oxfam spends, 84p goes on emergency, development and campaigning work, 9p is spent on support and running costs and 7p is invested to generate future income.

Of the 84p spent on emergency, development and campaigning work – from its 2019/2020 breakdown report – 43p went on humanitarian emergencies, 39p on longer-term development and 2p on campaigning and advocacy. 

Through these transparent figures, Oxfam truly is a charity that deserves significant recognition.

So, how does it use the endless capabilities of social media to create a memorable presence amongst the social media noise?

Ethical Fitness Challenge Campaign

Oxfam recently launched its Ethical Fitness Challenge. This four week challenge involves various fitness tasks from cycling, stepping or even planking. 

Over the four week period, each participant has the goal of raising £100 to help the world’s poorest people deal with climate change.

Money raised contributes towards washing facilities as well as food, families’ crucially need.

Each week, Oxfam incorporates the power of email communication to send tips and activities to keep motivation levels high, as well as provide ideas for eco-friendly lifestyle choices supporters can make.

This challenge helps to improve people’s wellbeing, inspires an eco friendly lifestyle whilst simultaneously raising donations.

With its unique hashtag #EthicalFitnessChallenge, Oxfam creates a community spirit and raises awareness of a unique initiative. 

Social media is where this challenge was born and is a prime example of a great way people can get involved and make a difference.

Explanation about the Ethical Fitness Challenge.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb
Explanation about the Ethical Fitness Challenge.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb
Explanation about the Ethical Fitness Challenge.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb

Music To My Ears

Oxfam also  created its  own virtual music festival, VOxjam, which “gives local grassroots talent national exposure in a difficult year when live gigs are few and far between.” Presented by various well known DJs, the event has been a hit for those looking to be entertained from the comfort of their own home whilst listening to great music.

The last event, which took place in November, featured Shaun Keaveny – a DJ from BBC 6 Music, with money raised from tickets helping to fund its poverty-beating work around the world.

Without the power of technology this event wouldn’t be known for what it is today, a music festival for all, from the comfort of your home, raising awareness and donations for those in need.

Image of DJ at the Oxjam music festival.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb

Promoting The Efforts Of Volunteers

The charity wouldn’t be where it is today without it’s caring, thoughtful volunteers.

It’s volunteers make a massive contribution to Oxfam’s work, helping people build better lives around the world. 

As Oxfam states:“They are the heartbeat of our movement to end poverty around the world”. The volunteers have a huge part to play to make the charity what it is today.

We love how Oxfam gives volunteers the recognition they deserve through designated posts on its Instagram feed.

The charity also posts videos of volunteers explaining why they support Oxfam, and behind the scenes snippets of the stores.

Image of a volunteer tidying scarves and hats away in a charity shop.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb

How Donations Have Helped Change People’s Lives

The image (Below) shows Muhammad who lives in Pakistan in the Badin district where there are frequent floods and drought-like conditions.

These conditions hinder farming, making it difficult to survive.

Image of Muhammad who has been helped by the charity.
Instagram engagement
Caption explaining about how the charity have made a difference to people's lives in poor countries.
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb

In the caption, the charity states how donations have contributed to improving Muhammad’s wellbeing and safety by providing tools and educating his community on life-saving farming techniques.

Through this thought-provoking story, social media users are educated on how Oxfam’s efforts have, and still, make a difference to people’s lives.

Eye-opening content such as this, proves that social media has the power to make change.

Breathtaking Wedding Dresses Without The Extortionate Price Tag

Some may not know this, but Oxfam has its own bridal department.

Dresses are donated to the charity shop and get to be worn again, on another memorable and unforgettable occasion.

These preloved dresses cost a small percentage of the original price-tag and “helps to reduce the environmental impact by limiting CO2 emissions and the use of pesticides and fertilizers and reducing the waste of billions of liters of water that would have been needed to generate new clothes”.

Oxfam spreads awareness of this campaign through its social platforms and shares the stories of their preloved wedding days, whilst showcasing its desired, dreamy dresses.

Groom and bride getting married
Image credit: Instagram @oxfamgb

What do you love about Oxfam’s social media? 

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