How MSI Reproductive Choices Utilises Social Media To Raise Awareness About Contraception

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MSI Reproductive Choices, formerly known as Marie Stopes, has been helping people with its reproductive health options for over 40 years. 

Its first clinic in central London was opened back in 1976 on the site of Marie Stopes’ Mothers’ Clinic, also known as the UK’s first contraceptive clinic. 

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Today, the charity has grown into one of the world’s largest providers of contraception and safe abortion services, with over 10,000 team members working across 37 countries. It continues to also provide NHS-funded and self-funded abortion and vasectomy care through its network of local clinics all over England. 

In this blog, we explore how the charity harness the power of social media to raise awareness about contraception options and removes the stigma around abortion. 

Raising Awareness Of Contraception Methods 

The charity helps to raise awareness about the different contraceptive methods available to women.

Once a week, the charity shares informative, detailed information about what different types of contraceptive methods are available. This is displayed through videos, images and carousel-style posts.

The carousel post (below) educates its supporters on all they need to know about the Progestin-only Pill. This is shown through descriptive information covered across the eight slides.

MSI Reproductive Choices contraception post
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices
MSI Reproductive Choices contraception post
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices

The screenshot (below) also displays a video that explains everything you need to know about the contraceptive injection in under two minutes. Yes, you read that right, two minutes.

MSI Reproductive Choices contraception video
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices

This is a great way to catch the attention of users and quickly inform them of any key messages the organisation wants them to remember.

As well as providing this information, the charity also ensures that people have the option to buy high-quality, sexual and reproductive healthcare products in a convenient location. This is done by relocating them to its website to find out how and where to get them.

On its website, the charity lists the many contraceptive choices available to women, offering personalised contraceptive advice through its digital contraceptive counsellor service

Without MSI Reproductive Choice’s social media activity, many women wouldn’t be aware of the wide range of contraception options available. 

The charity has hit the nail on the head with scroll-stopping content, providing important information in a fun way.

Removing The #AbortionStigma 

Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices utilises its social media platforms to remove the stigma around abortion.

This is done by sharing people’s stories on its Instagram page. An example of this is Amy’s story (below) which received 147 likes. In the caption, MSI Reproductive Choices goes into detail about Amy’s experience of having an abortion.

MSI Reproductive Choices abortion stigma post
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices

The negative connotations around abortion stop thousands of people from speaking about their experiences and these types of social posts help to battle the abortion stigma by letting voices be heard and reassure people that they are not alone.

MSI Reproductive Choices also incorporate the hashtag #abortionstigma within the caption of its social posts. This hashtag currently has 1,842 posts (below) and has helped to raise awareness about this topic.

MSI Reproductive Choices #abortionstigma
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices

Spreading Awareness About How Far Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices Has Come

MSI Reproductive Choices uses its social platforms as a place to highlight how far it has come as a charity. 

This is done by sharing updates on the campaigns it is currently working on and what it has achieved. 

An example of this is shown through its Instagram post (below) highlighting how 32.6 million people are using a method of contraception provided by its charity. 

MSI Reproductive Choices statistic post
Image credit: Instagram @msichoices

Through its social platforms, the charity is transparent to its supporters and shows what it is continually striving towards, which is providing more people with options for contraception.

This charity has proved that social media is a place to educate those on topics which many may find uncomfortable talking about. It removes the negative stigmas associated with abortion and continues to be one of the top global providers of contraception. 

MSI Reproductive Choices has shown that no matter what cause you support, everyone has a voice and these matters need to be talked about on social media. Well done MSI Reproductive Choices for your outstanding work.

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