How Macmillan Cancer Support Provides Supportive, Educational Social Media Content

Macmillan Cancer Support, is a charity which offers physical, emotional and financial support to those suffering with cancer. 

Through support projects (below), the charity tackles cancer care inequalities and ensures that people living with cancer have the option to attend self help and support groups. 

These include:

Macmillan Values Based Standard – Macmillan commissioned the development of an innovative framework and methodology for improving both patient and staff experience in cancer care services.

Use-Led Task Forces – Macmillan’s user led task forces will gather evidence of the causes of inequalities and how they can be addressed.

Developing The Cancer Voices Network – Cancer Voices are people from across the UK who have experience of cancer or caring for someone with cancer. They work with Macmillan to help shape cancer services and improve cancer care. 

The Cancer Voices Conference – The Cancer Voices conference is a national annual event for Cancer Voices which explores how the knowledge, skills, and experiences of people affected by cancer can help shape the future of cancer care. 

Grants For Self Help And Support Groups – Macmillan’s grants, resources and training courses help to run self help and support groups.

HCA Care And Compassion Programme – An exciting programme of work that aims to model how support workers can be helped to provide compassionate care, learn about reflective practice and be supported in their roles.

The charity is also transparent with audiences in regards to its fundraising stats, and where the money raised goes. Within its 2019 annual report, the charity estimated 1.9m people received in-depth, personal support from its Macmillan professionals or services. 

Macmillan utilises its social channels to also provide educational, up to date information about cancer, including:

  • The 60 types of cancer
  • Treatments for cancer
  • Managing symptoms and side effects
  • Practical issues like money, work and travel
  • Coping with emotions

From its Macmillan Support Line, to its hard working Macmillan nurses, this charity continues to leave people in awe by promoting the generosity and thought-provoking acts of kindness by supporters and fundraisers which are prominent on its Facebook and Instagram social channels.

In the following blog we outline a few of the ways this charity deserves the spotlight this week.

A Generous Act Of Kindness With Macmillan eCards 

On Sunday 7th February 2021 it was  #SendACardToAFriendDay whereby people could send an eCard to let their family or friends know that they were thinking of them.

Supporters were able to send a Macmillan eCard to whoever they would like, for free. 

Those who chose their desired eCard also had the option to make a donation, which would go towards supporting those living with cancer.

With a wide range of options available, from thank you to birthday cards or just general ‘thinking of you’ cards, there was something for everyone.

Macmillan eCard
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This generous act of ‘virtual’ kindness, was a prime example of how the charity has used innovation to give back to its supporters. During the difficult time we live in, small gestures such as this can go a long way.

Macmillan eCards
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Macmillan Shows How Virtual Support Is Possible

Another example of how this charity stands out on social media is through its virtual support.

With its network available on the Macmillan Support Line seven days a week from 8am-8pm, the team is always there for those in need, when they are required, and can be contacted using email or by calling directly on 0808 808 00 00.

From clinical advice, financial information and emotional support, Macmillan is able to provide support to anyone who needs it, whenever that may be.

Macmillan Cancer Support
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The charity regularly ensures social media users are aware of its support line, through engaging content such as its video with worker David, explaining what he does and how he can help. 

This video received a significant 1,879 views – helping to raise awareness of an incredible service.

Macmillan’s amazing network can provide help via its:

  1. Energy advice team – Helping patients and families with access to energy schemes and grants.
  2. Cancer information nurse specialists – Talking through diagnosis and treatment, sharing key information to help patients manage symptoms and side effects.
  3. Financial guidance – Providing personalised support to help patients and families plan budgets, manage money and understand personal finance options, such as mortgages, pensions and insurance.
  4. Cancer information and support specialists – Offering emotional support, practical information and guidance to help find the right information and support. 
  5. Work support – Talk about rights as well as giving advice to help discuss options with employers.
Macmillan Content
Image credit: Instagram @macmillancancer

The Macmillan Support Line is open seven days a week, 8am-8pm, on 0808 808 00 00, web chat, or email.

Spreading Positivity With Its Social Media Content

Macmillan has focused on sharing positive content across its Instagram platform, from gratitude prompts to random acts of kindness. 

These have generated significant engagement, the image in particular (below) received 1,180 likes. The charity has developed its social media platforms as a place to share content which people can interact with, think about in their free time or save and refer back to in the future.

Social Media Content
Image credit: Instagram @macmillancancer

The image (below) is another piece of content which received 488 likes and showcased examples of how people can share random acts of kindness to friends, family or loved ones.

Macmillan Social Media
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These pieces of content show how social media platforms can be used as a place to inspire others to shine a positive light on their lives and other people’s lives.

Make Your Evenings Entertaining with Macmillan’s Games Night In

Another great way this charity has stood out on social media is through its innovative Games Night In event.

Macmillan Games Night In
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With a choice of four different games (below) there is something for everyone. Simply choose the game you’d like to play, set up a Virgin Money Giving page and encourage your other participants to donate

Macmillan's Games Night In
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This charity has gone above and beyond by incorporating fundraising with a virtual games night which has provided entertainment for families, teenagers or adults to take part in from the comfort of their own home.

Real Stories Stripped Back

Every week, Macmillan shares an in-depth story of a patient on their cancer journey. This helps to give an insight into what people are dealing with, what they have been through and the importance of identifying cancer early. 

The image (below) is one example of Britain’s Got Talent 2020 winner, Jon Courtenay who identified a cancerous mole on the side of his head. The detailed caption shed light on the journey Jon went through whilst providing an insight into the diagnosis procedure. This post saw significant recognition, with a total of 781 likes on Instagram, which helps to share awareness and recognition of understanding to those who are suffering.

Macmillan real story
Image credit: Instagram @macmillancancer

By providing real stories, from real people, those who experienced cancer can relate on a personal level with the journey these people have been through. Supporters can also get a deeper understanding on cancer identification and how to spot the early signs of cancer. 

Macmillan social media content
Image credit: Instagram @macmillancancer

The charity provides diverse, informative content that its supporters can relate to through personal stories and even get involved in with its virtual games night. 

It bridges the gap between what its supporters want to see and what they need to be exposed to. 

From positive messaging to educational content, Macmillan’s social media platforms are an educational resource whilst simultaneously acting as a friendly place where people can go for support and positive inspiration. 

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