How LinkedIn Groups Are Changing And Improving

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has listened to users and is now prioritising features which improve engagement and enable vibrant discussions.

At the end of August, LinkedIn groups will be changing, and will offer the following benefits:

  • Groups will now be easier to access from the homepage, improving visibility of group conversations in the main LinkedIn feed
  • LinkedIn will give users the ability to manage groups on the go in the LinkedIn iOS and Android apps
  • Notifications will help users stay up-to-date on group activity
  • Users will have with the ability to reply to comments, edit posts and comments, and post native video

Groups will be migrated automatically and for the first time the full functionality of Groups will be available from the LinkedIn app and desktop experience.

In the coming months there will be better ways to manage communities on LinkedIn.

During this time, LinkedIn will make the following changes:

  • Moderation queues will be temporarily unavailable. The new and improved  moderation queue will be available in the next few months. LinkedIn are not planning to rebuild the auto-generated classifier queue. Users are encouraged to review any content in the queues and remove any members who continue to violate your group rules.
  • Admin roles will be streamlined to just owners and managers. Roles will be simplified to owner and manager. Moderators will become regular members once this change takes effect. Users with moderators should be promoted to managers.
  • Admin and auto-generated group emails (including digests, automated templates, and announcements) will be unavailable.

More updates  from the LinkedIn engineering team will become available in the next few months as they work on building admin functionality for Groups.

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