How Instagram Has Adapted In Light Of Covid-19

Lockdown has been an unsettling and confusing time for consumers. Many social platforms have had to adapt in order to help its users.

As a result, a number of online platforms have been providing COVID-19 advice from health organisations. But, Instagram has gone one step further.

It has announced that it will be giving higher priority to stories and feed posts by health organisations (that you have chosen to follow) regarding the current pandemic.

This will make it easier for individuals to stay informed with the latest news regarding COVID-19.

Instagram has also provided a set of new features that can be used to help small businesses given the current lockdown restrictions.

Gift card and food ordering stickers have been added to the tools you can use when creating a story on a business page. This will allow organisations to still generate sales whilst in this difficult time.

Other additions to Instagram Stories include the creation of the ‘Stay Home’ and ‘Thank You’ stickers which have been developed to help raise awareness of the importance of social distancing.

We think that it is great that social media platforms have stepped up in this time of uncertainty to help provide support where they can.

Have you been using any of Instagram’s new features to help your business during lockdown?