How Instagram Can Be Utilised To Enhance Your Brand

As new social media platforms continue to introduce new trends on a daily basis, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up and utilise all the tools that are on offer. 

Instagram is an extremely diverse platform. It consists of a good number of tools, which you can experiment with to enhance your brand. From grid posts to stories, to live videos, IGTV and Reels – its offering is almost endless. 

The question is, what tools should you use to increase engagement? And, what exactly are the benefits in using them?

  1. Highlights

Posting stories is a great way to increase the reach of your content to your loyal online following. 

According to the algorithm, users are shown posts from accounts they frequently engage with. Therefore, posting stories is an exceptional tool for interacting with your audience. 

Stories which inform, educate or simply incorporate polls and questions will help to keep your audience interested in your brand’s page. 

But, don’t just stop there. Save your top performing content into the different highlight sections available on your brand’s profile. This will allow your followers and customers to go back and watch your stories again and again. 

Quite often when consumers browse your brand’s Instagram page, they will look at your highlights to get a snapshot of what content you deliver. 

And in order for your page to suit your brand, be sure to customise your highlight covers. 

Use your page as your portfolio. You want to grab people’s attention, so it’s essential that you make it look as eye-catching and unique as possible.

  1. Reels

Want to showcase your brand in a different light? Use reels. 

This latest Instagram tool is becoming increasingly popular with both consumers and brands. 

They are a great tool for your brand to promote behind the scenes, upcoming projects or even lifestyle content. 

Experiment with Reels by using different effects to see what content type performs best for your brand. 

Remember to keep the content snappy, short but gripping to drive engagement with your target audience. 

And, don’t be afraid to have fun with this tool, it’s used to entertain your audience, so let it do just that! 


Many influencers have converted from YouTube and TikTok to IGTV – this is because all of their content is now easily manageable from the one platform while still offering good results.  

Designed to host longer video content than Reels, IGTV allows your brand to go into more detail in its content and further educate its audience.  

Why not use this tool to create inspirational, sit down, informative videos? 

As mentioned before, your page is your brand’s chance to show its creativity, flexibility and uniqueness. 

What Instagram tool do you gravitate towards using most?