How Facebook’s New Algorithm Will Affect Video Ranking

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Facebook is on a mission to help video creators find their audiences and build profitable video businesses. They want to help media companies, whether they be large, medium or small – to continue to create viral content. But above all, they want to help people on Facebook to ‘discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them.’

In order to do this, they are planning on introducing a series of ranking updates over the upcoming weeks and months that will help to prioritize original videos.

So, what are the changes?

There will be an update based on three simple factors. Loyalty & Intent, Video & Viewing Durations and Originality.

Though these are not new principles, they will be strengthened in terms of influence. The changes are said to be affecting video distribution across the news feed, Facebook Watch, and the ‘More video’ recommendations.

Loyalty & Intent

More weight will be added into ranking videos that people seek out and continue to return to week on week.

Video and Viewing Duration

Facebook discussed the importance of ensuring that videos capture the viewers attention for at least one minute. They’ve said that more weight will be added into ranking videos that keep these people engaged, especially on those videos that are more than three minutes long.


It was announced last year that Facebook would be limiting unoriginal or repurposed content, as well as demoting pages that are involved in sharing schemes.

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