How CoppaFeel! Has Grabbed The Attention Of Young Social Media Users

CoppaFeel! has developed significant, impactful noise through its innovative social media campaigns.

Through light-hearted yet informative messaging, CoppaFeel! deserves to be applauded for the work it has done.

This week we are outlining its achievements and crucially, how social media has helped the charity grow.

  1. Why Are CoppaFeel! Different?

CoppaFeel! has utilised a unique campaign approach with the goal of raising awareness of breast cancer amongst younger generations, promoting vital knowledge about the illness in a light-hearted way.

The charity utilises digital platforms to normalise checking breasts for any early signs of breast cancer.

Educational content focuses on how to complete checks, what users need to look for and what to do if they have any symptoms.

With younger audiences looking to social media as their reliable news source, these pieces of educational content are more important than ever.

Image credit: Instagram @coppafeelpeople
  1. Empowering The Younger Generation

Through collaborations with brands like Lounge Underwear, CoppaFeel! has helped to build awareness of breast cancer in an inspiring way.

Image credit: Instagram @coppafeelpeople

The charity incorporates empowering quotes, which users can share online to remind family and friends to undertake regular checks whilst also providing a sense of positivity.

Image credit: Instagram @coppafeelpeople
  1. Raising Awareness Through #breastcancerawarenessmonth

CoppaFeel! also lets its followers do the talking. 

Through real-life stories, people can better understand the impact of breast cancer, whilst educating them on what is involved. 

This not only provides a sense of realism, but also a feeling of strength. Often, cancerous diseases are associated with older people but CoppaFeel! proves that this is not the case. 

Breast cancer can affect anyone, even if they are young. Which is why CoppaFeel! is an incredibly important charity.

Image credit: Instagram @coppafeelpeople
  1. A Stand Out Campaign: BraHijack

Recently, CoppaFeel! has come up with a unique campaign to instil the reminder of checking your breasts.

Through the use of bra tags in underwear from the likes of John Lewis to Love Rose Lingerie, it has come up with a great way to remind people to regularly check. 

With its logo and reminder: ‘Checking your boobs could save your life’ all tags feature a CTA of driving users to its website for further advice and guidance. 

It uses the hashtag #brahijack, to create a treasure hunt atmosphere, for people to share about online.

This campaign not only broadens brand awareness but most importantly saves lives.

Image credit: Instagram @coppafeelpeople

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