How ActionAid UK Delivered Social Campaigns To Be Proud Of

How ActionAid UK Delivered Social Campaigns To Be Proud Of

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

ActionAid works with communities to create long-term change for good whilst funding women’s groups and networks around the world, who train parents, teachers, local police and legal advisers to recognise the signs of violence and how to report it. 

The charity also supports women to access secure jobs in safe working environments, free from all forms of violence.

These are only a few examples of the work that this admirable charity leads.

In the following blog we outline how this charity successfully creates scroll stopping content and delineate ways it stands out amongst the social media sphere:

The Gift Of Giving

ActionAid has used the power of social media to highlight where donations go, with a focus on how it is helping women and girls living in poverty.

Through simple yet effective graphics, it shows how a small gift can have a significant impact on those in need. 

The charity utilises carousel style posts to convey the variety of ways users can help.

This is a moving way to show how the gift of giving can make considerable a difference – tapping into the emotional attributes of audiences. 

Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk
Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk

Educational Guides

ActionAid’s content demonstrates how information can be displayed in a creative and innovative way.

Through the use of carousel style guides, content outlines all you need to know about a specific charity issue.

Below shows an example on ‘Unpaid care and domestic work’.

Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk
Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk
Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk

Virtual handbooks, with a selection of pages of key information that can be consumed through the simple swipe of a finger, create an excellent method of sharing in-depth information whilst keeping users engaged and informed.

Thought Provoking And Uplifting Messages

Another way ActionAid harnesses the potential of social media is through its ‘Stand with women’ series, consisting of images of women and their words of wisdom. 

This is an uplifting way to spread awareness of the charity whilst providing first-hand evidence of the difference it makes to many peoples lives.

There is hope, and these women prove that.

Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk
Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk

The Power Of Ambassadors

Ambassadors often work directly with charities to raise awareness of specific campaigns.

One key ambassador for ActionAid is British actress, screenwriter, activist, author and comedian, Emma Thompson. 

In the screenshot from the video shown below, Emma shares how the charity will support women over Christmas. 

From assisting to keep women’s refuges open, to giving survivors of violence a safe place to turn to.

Ambassadors work alongside charities close to their hearts and it is an effective way for charities voices to be heard amongst the social media noise. 

Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk

Statistics To Celebrate About

ActionAid regularly utilises social media content to highlight how the charity has grown.

It uses stand out statistics and impressive figures to highlight and back up its achievements. 

This allows users to admire the charity and inspire them to continue to support the cause. 

And whilst this an ongoing battle to change the world with women and girls, its social media provides hope.

Image credit: Instagram @actionaiduk

What do you love about ActionAid’s social media activity?