Graduate’s Guide To Staying Positive Over Lockdown 2.0

Sadly, we’re back in lockdown again.

This might mean that you’ve had to change your plans for a second time.

Your job interview might have been postponed or even cancelled, or your living arrangements might have changed. 

You need to stay positive and motivated. Remember it’s only a temporary setback. 

But sometimes that’s easier said than done – and we all need a helping hand every now and then. 

We’ve put together our top tips on how to stay positive over the next four weeks:

  1. Stick To A Routine 

The earlier you create and stick to a routine, the better. 

A routine will help you to stay on track and be more productive – but getting to implement this is the hard part. 

Be sure to keep it fun and easy-to-follow. 

The first step is to look at what you need to do on a daily basis. If you can’t remember everything, carry your notebook every day for a week and write down all the tasks you need to do. 

An important tip is to make sure you schedule in time to relax and concentrate on yourself. 

Exercise is also key to a good routine, this could be HIIT, yoga or even a walk. But, listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel like working out don’t push yourself, let your body rest.

And remember no task is too small – it’s OK to include simple things like brushing your teeth. 

  1. Set Yourself Goals

Utilise this time to do something you didn’t manage to do in the last lockdown.

This could be anything from getting into running or learning a new skill, like knitting. 

By setting a goal you’ll have something to work towards as well as something to do if you get bored. 

At the end of lockdown you’ll be able to look back and be proud to see what you’ve accomplished. 

  1. Turn Off The News

Sometimes watching and reading the news can make you feel overwhelmed.

It’s best to understand what’s going on but try not to get obsessed with constantly keeping up to date. 

Switching off the news can do wonders for your mental state and will help you to keep a more positive state of mind. 

Turn off notifications from news apps on your phone and switch the channel if the news is on. 

  1. Stay Connected With Your Friends And Family

Make sure you schedule in time to talk to your friends and family. It’s time to bring back the virtual pub quizzes – yay! 

Humans are social animals, we value social connections a lot.

It’s essential to keep in touch with your friends and family. This could be a quick voice or video call, it doesn’t matter. 

Some people might not be dealing with lockdown as well as you. Keep an eye on your friends and family and support each other in the best ways you can. 

We will get through this together.

  1. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Lockdown can sometimes feel like your emotions are on a rollercoaster.

Not all days will be your best. Allow yourself to have these ‘off’ days and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help and support from friends and family,

Remember you’ve already survived one lockdown. You can manage another!

How are you staying positive over lockdown? Do you have any top tips you would like to share?