A Graduate’s Guide To Online Events

People on a video call on a laptop.

The pandemic has driven everyday life to move online. 

This includes graduate career fairs, job interviews and meeting potential employers.

The world of work has changed, but making a good impression and standing out online still remains incredibly important. 

Here are our top tips to being successful at virtual events: 

  1. Research

Just like any in-person event doing your research before any call is essential.

Review the company as well as any key individuals you might potentially meet. Always try to come up with and write down some questions to ask prior to the event.

This could be anything such as: what does a typical day in the role look like? What training packages do you offer? How will I know if I’m performing well? 

Any research or important pointers can be written or printed onto a piece of paper and stuck up behind the camera as a prompt. 

Have a CV ready in paper form to quickly be able to glance at as well as in digital form to be able to send to the contact promptly.

Don’t forget to set up a reminder as it is easy to forget online events – especially when you don’t have anywhere physically to be!

  1. Practice Your Tech Set-Up Before The Event

There’s nothing worse than rushing around five minutes before an event trying to set everything up.

At least an hour before the event, prepare your laptop and surrounding area. 

Make sure if you’re going to have your camera on that you have good lighting as well as a clear and tidy background. It’s best to try and have – where possible – somewhere that is plain and not distracting. 

Also, try to place your camera up high enough so that it is at eye level so you can maintain eye contact with the camera. Remember to always look at your camera and not your screen!

Check your microphone works and is clear and that you are in a room that is quiet. Headphones are also an option if you prefer to use them.

Don’t forget to check the charge of your laptop. Has it got a full battery? If you can, make sure it is plugged in during the event. 

  1. Dress Appropriately

You might be at home and not face-to-face, but that doesn’t mean you can wear pyjamas to an online event. 

Wear what you would if you were going to be at an event in person. 

It’s so important to dress for the job you want!

  1. Maintain A High Level Of Written Communication

If you’re on a group call using the chat feature, make good use of it. 

Double check messages for grammar and spelling before sending them. 

Treat it professionally and don’t use any slang words.

Always say hello at the beginning of the event and introduce yourself, this could be via message or verbally. Use it as a mini elevator pitch.

Also remember to say thank you at the end. This will help the person on the other end to recognize and remember you.

If it’s appropriate, ask for their LinkedIn or email address to connect after the call. Be courteous and thank you for their help/assistance – this can make all the difference!

What are your top tips for online events?