Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Live Experience

Instagram is a massive and critical platform for today’s businesses.

Its extensive tools means it’s easy for businesses to engage with the active users on the platform. 

For example, Instagram Live is becoming increasingly popular but many broadcasts are reactive or miss out on opportunities to effectively engage followers. 

Here are our top for ways to improve your brand’s Instagram Live Experience: 

1 – Plan, Prepare, Practice

Set up a practice account and do test runs before you officially go live. This will give you time to prepare your speech, get presentation assets ready and make any amends to the lighting, audio and background before the big show.

2 – Create An Incentive To Encourage Viewers

Your audience needs a reason to tune into your live video. What can you offer them to make sure they tune in and stay engaged? Consider Live Q&As, disappearing incentives and scarcity. 

3 – Promote, Promote, Promote 

Share news of your Instagram live through content frames and materials to get the word out. 

4 – Repurpose Your Live Video 

Once completed, add your Instagram Live video to your story highlights to maximise exposure. You can also capture the highlight link and use it for other marketing assets such as your email list or other platforms.