Feel Good Club: Creating Community

Since 2020, Feel Good Club has been the home of well-being, served with delicious coffee, cakes and more. Founded by wives Amie and Kiera post lockdown, the club re-defines the classic coffee shop as a community, with the aim of having guests leave with that Feel Good feeling. 

Their goal is to uplift followers’ self-esteem daily by imparting messages that emphasise the importance of emotional balance and the prioritisation of mental well-being. Encouraging kindness and calm, their social media presence has taken their ethos digital, sharing the compassionate and accepting atmosphere of their Northern Quarter home.

The Feel Good Club Community

The first of its kind in Manchester, they now has a following of 358K. Sharing reminders of self-care and compassion, a community of like-minded individuals look to Feel Good Club for their inspiring words. 

Adopting a voice of guidance and understanding, their feed provides a hub of mental wellness, with inclusivity at the core. They have expanded into merchandise from hoodies, mugs, and even a book. They also regularly host events, including yoga and drag cabarets.

Cutting Through The Noise

Nailing their tone of voice, Feel Good Club offers a beacon of light in the social media space, cutting through the noise to bring essential reminders of self-care, which is increasingly important online. 

Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly shareable, content across all channels gives a clear message of self-love.

Have you visited before? The Mac & Cheese on Garlic Toast is a Social Republic favourite!

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