Facebook Launches New Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Programme

Facebook Launches New Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Programme

Now more than ever, learning from home and gaining sought-after qualifications is getting more favourable.

Facebook has jumped on this bandwagon and is launching a new social media marketing professional certificate programme.

For all you social media experts who want to add to the existing experience you already have, this might be something that will catch your interest.

In this article we will outline what the course entails, why it’s a great qualification and discuss the key question… degree or alternative route?

1. What is it?

Facebook is partnering with the well-known online learning platform Coursera to launch a digital marketing course which is 100% certified.

According to Facebook, this program is “self-paced and designed to be completed within 20 weeks, which includes 100 hours of hands-on, project-based training in applied social media tools and general marketing skills”.

Once the course is complete, attendees will receive a certificate which can be used when applying for entry-level social media marketing roles.

Whilst some may presume that a degree is the key to gaining a role in social media marketing, there are now various other options to get you on the career ladder. Especially in the current climate, the course may be a great alternative for those wanting to get a head start in the creative industry.

2. Why it makes you more employable

This course will improve your digital skills immensely. Specifically, you will learn the foundations of building successful, social-first social media campaigns as well as going through a step by step guide of the process.

You will also gain valuable knowledge and understanding on the complexities of social media marketing.

This course is suitable for both users new to the world of marketing or for those who want to develop on their existing skill-set. 

3. Degree or a different option?

According to Marketing Week* “more than half of marketers (53.8%) say they have not studied a marketing-related academic or professional qualification of any kind”.

This highlights the question, is the future of degrees changing? 

As mentioned previously, this course will provide you with the qualification to apply for entry level jobs, educate you on the valuable industry skills and give you a flavour of what a job in social media will entail.

Are you interested in Facebook’s new certificate programme?