Facebook: Drive Engagement Without Paid Ads

Paid ads are very successful at driving engagement with your target audience. However, there are many methods that can be used to organically increase engagement without having to spend a penny. Building a captive audience who are loyal and interact on a regular basis on Facebook is important for purchase conversions and increasing prospective buyers.


The Facebook Insights tool allows you to gain a higher understanding of who your audience is and what interests them. It also allows you to learn the best time to post in order to maximize engagement. Using the results from this, your strategies can be adjusted to appeal to your target audience, enhancing your results.

Ask and Answer

Asking questions to your audience is one of the easiest methods to stimulate engagement as it encourages a discussion where users can put forward their opinions which can lead to a debate or a consensus. This helps to build a community experience and also allows you to get to know your followers and their views.

To add to the discussion it is really important to respond quickly and in-depth to questions from your audience as this demonstrates that you are a reliable source for any questions in the future.

Interactive Content

Another method that drives engagement and adds variety to your regular content is content that users can actually interact with such as; quizzes, polls, contests, and calculators.


Videos are an extremely versatile way to grow engagement as well as increase your social media audience regardless of the topic.

Marco Hernandes of Kaizen Social suggests that the growth in this segment is driven by “consumers on Facebook [who are] hungry to watch videos that educate them on topics. He recommends moving “your content to video, [as] users spend less time reading today than they did before.”

Using videos is crucial to capture this new demographic as they are easy to digest, entertain and engage with. They are also very accessible to anyone with an internet connection which further drives engagement.


Essentially groups allow your target audience to congregate in one area building an interactive community space. Members of a group have similar interests making it much easier to share focused content relevant to the group.

As the demographics and interests of the group are known organic posts and content can be shared with a captive audience which helps to drives engagement.

Driving engagement organically with a captive audience is key to increasing your reach. Ensure that you have on-trend, fascinating and original content to keep followers interactive and engaged.