Facebook Announce Interactive, Playable Video Ads

In a recent announcement, Facebook has announced the launch of their new playable, interactive video ads across its Audience Network.

This brand new ad format offers users a chance to interact with smaller versions of games and apps before purchasing.

person playing Pokemon Go during daytime

A recent report released by The Drum revealed that Facebook users who interact with apps via an interactive ad prior to installment are actually 60% more likely to download and open the app This is compared to other static ad forms with limited creative content.

Thought this new ad format has been available in the News Feed since 2018, they will now also appear in Facebook’sAudience Network. This will give advertisers access to 100’s of other websites and apps.

According to the company’s own data, over one billion users see an Audience Network ad every month, whilst conversion rates are eight times higher amongst users who see ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, as opposed to just Facebook by itself.

This new interactive ad format follows on from the introduction of immersive video on the platform. This essentially means that advertisers can now publish 360 videos to Facebook that users can navigate through by tilting their phone or simply by dragging their finger across the content.