Digital Magic: Prestige x Disney Home

In a world dominated by big players, Prestige and Disney Home aimed to shine bright. Our mission: transform their partnership from ‘just another kitchenware deal’ into something enchanting, attracting a new generation. We had to blend Disney’s magic with Prestige’s quality, but with a twist – a teaser phase filled with mystery, no product images, just anticipation. With Disney’s magic and Prestige’s quality, we embarked on a journey, creating excitement with interactive games and recipes.

Read on to find out how we made it happen.

The Results

The results truly speak for themselves. Within just one month of organic content, we achieved:

  • 1.7 million Impressions (+108%)
  • 34,000 Post Link Clicks (+92%)
  • 970 New Followers (+433%)
  • 55,000 New Engagements

We witnessed a jaw-dropping +3957% increase in entries for the launch competition alone. 

For our Influencer campaign we engaged seven influencers to bring to life the Prestige products through delicious recipes and content – generating over 5K likes and reaching an audience of 195K social media users.

The Challenge: Infusing Disney Home x Prestige Magic into Our Journey

Our challenge was clear, and we had precisely one month to make it happen including a two part teaser and launch phase. We had to infuse the timeless magic of Disney into Prestige’s kitchenware while captivating audiences and enhancing brand engagement. 

But there was a twist: the teaser phase of our campaign couldn’t include any product imagery or brand mention. Instead, we had to build anticipation and curiosity, encouraging our audience to guess what enchantment awaited them through clues.

With Disney’s legendary reputation for magic and Prestige’s commitment to quality, we knew we were in for an adventure. We needed to create a campaign that didn’t just showcase the products but also celebrated the magic that happens in the kitchen when families come together. It was a challenge that required us to be not just marketers but storytellers.

Our Response

We embarked on a multifaceted strategy that included bespoke brand asset creation, manual posting of the campaign, engaging stories, and grid posts. 

We also crafted a comprehensive influencer campaign, developed content plans, wrote captivating captions, and devised a bespoke hashtag strategy. But let’s dive deeper into how we sprinkled Disney magic into every aspect of our campaign.

The Teaser Phase

Interactive Games and Daily Clues

During the teaser phase, we implemented a strategy that kept our audience engaged and intrigued. 

We introduced a series of interactive games, including Guess Who’s, Emoji quizzes, fill in the blanks, crosswords, and more, all designed to challenge their Disney knowledge and culinary expertise. Strategically releasing daily clues, each puzzle and quiz brought audiences one step closer to the grand unveiling. 

This phase was carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of mystery and excitement, making our audience feel as though they were embarking on their own magical quest, filled with riddles and enchantment.

Bespoke Assets for Daily Magic

In parallel, our bespoke assets for daily magic were meticulously designed to implement our strategy. We subtly incorporated Disney’s iconic character colors into our visuals, all while keeping the final reveal a tantalizing secret. These assets weren’t just about building anticipation; they were an essential part of creating a deep connection with our audience. By drawing them into the enchantment we were weaving, we made them an integral part of this magical journey. Our teaser phase was a testament to the power of details, showcasing that even the smallest touches can have the most significant impact when executed with creativity and precision.

Tune In: Maximising Cross-Platform

Recognising the significance of cross-platform synergy, we introduced a playlist strategy, with each song unveiling a concealed clue.

This addition wasn’t just about sustaining excitement; it was a testament to our ability to leverage the strengths of each platform from Instagram to Spotify.

This innovative approach not only ensured that our campaign had a lasting impact, extending its enchantment far beyond the month, but also exemplified the power of taking a campaign cross-platform. 

By seamlessly integrating our strategy across different platforms, we amplified brand exposure, reached a diverse audience, improved engagement, boosted ROI, and, most importantly, built trust with our target audience.

The Grand Launch

Exciting Giveaways

Giveaways were a crucial component of our campaign, serving as a bridge between the teaser and the grand launch. They held immense significance for our audience, offering them to take home a piece of the magic. 

We witnessed a jaw-dropping +3957% increase in entries for the launch competition alone. This added layer of interactivity and excitement further strengthened the bond between our audience and the Prestige x Disney collaboration.

Sharing the Joy of Recipes

Our goal was to make the kitchen a place where families could create their own magic, whether that be midweek or a weekend of fun, and what better way to do so than through the magic of Disney-inspired recipes? 

We emphasized that Prestige x Disney was more than just kitchenware; it was a catalyst for bringing families together and making lasting memories.

Amplifying Unique Features

We didn’t stop at stunning design; we highlighted Prestige’s unique features, such as non-stick surfaces perfect for gluten-free baking, easy-to-clean attributes, and the convenience of being fridge and freezer safe. It was our way of conveying that Prestige offered not just quality but a touch of Disney magic in every kitchen.

In our journey with Prestige and Disney Home, we’ve seen how they turned kitchenware into enchantment, making family cooking joyful again. We faced challenges, from building anticipation without showing the products to using interactive games, captivating content, and recipes to keep the excitement alive. The results have been incredible, with more views and engagement than ever.

Now, it’s your turn to join the fun. Explore Prestige x Disney Home, stay tuned for more exciting collaborations, and remember, the magic is in the moments we create together in the kitchen.

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