Why Brands Should Be Utilising The Power Of 360 Video

360 Video

The introduction of 360-degree images and video has allowed brands to immerse their viewers and users into everything within the range of a regular smart phone with a front and back facing camera- from anywhere in the world.

360 images and videos have many applications, and with the introduction of Virtual Reality headpieces, brands can now couple the 360-video to create compelling experiences for their audience.

Projects such as 360Cities and Airpano are leading the way in the revolution, and giving their users virtual tours around the world, whether that is below the surface water diving with great white shark, to the northern lights in Norway.

Something interesting is happening

Real estate is a sector in which 360 video can be used as a novel marketing strategy to promote homes, apartments and business spaces.

Realestatetechnews.com reports that virtual tours helped around 40% of potential homebuyers make a purchasing decision, further stating that listings with a video tour received 4 times the number of inquiries than those without a video.

Future of Live Video: 360 Live and Virtual Reality Live

Hospitality and tourism industries can benefit from 360 videos, effectively promoting destinations, showcasing events and the sharing of adventures; video bloggers may find this to be an invaluable tool in the near future.

360-images and video is whole new platform that is only expected to experience further growth due to the potential of content versatility and high levels of user engagement. Here are our favourites:

Journey to the edge of space

This 360 video will allow you to travel 900000 feet into the stratosphere on your journey to the edge of space, with a camera tied to a big balloon. Just don’t look down.

Go surfing

Transport yourself to Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean and get fully barrelled with pro surfers Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet.

The Wingsuit

Take the line less travelled and soar down the side of a big cliff in Stryn, Norway, Threading your way through trees, rocks, and cliffs along the way.