Black Friday: What Are People Saying?

For some brands like The Bodyshop and Amazon, Black Friday has already started, but for many others, this is only the beginning. Last year, we spent over $5 billion, an increase of over 16% from 2016, so we’re surely set for another surge this year as well. In fact, it’s all anyone can talk about! Read below to hear exactly what people are saying about Black Friday this year.

What Are The Topics Of Conversation?

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This year, there’s been a huge rise in the number of individuals talking about supporting local businesses, as opposed to the conglomerates of the retail world. The predominate hashtag centred around this topic was #shoplocal, which has already been used on Instagram nearly 20 million times! Additionally, topics have been centred around holiday shopping and ultimately, #Black Friday, which came top in holiday-related shopping hashtags.

Who’s Talking About It?

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It’s been found that women are three times more likely to be talking about the festive season of shopping, compared to their male counterparts. They are much more interested in seeking the early discounts of Black Friday as opposed to men who are (no surprise) discovered to do their shopping a lot later on. While 18-34-year-olds dominate this black Friday hype, 35-54-year-olds are only just behind them and are using Facebook more and more for inspiration and ideas.

Where Are These Conversations Happening?

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Holiday shopping is being discussed all over the globe, with a predominant focus on westernised countries, namely the US and the UK. However, other countries such as the Philippines and South Africa are topping the list when it comes to festive shopping conversations.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?


The conversations we’ve seen taking place ultimately come down to two things that marketers need to consider:

Create stunning mobile shopping experiences:

Millions of consumers are using Facebook and other social platforms to converse, and source inspiration about Black Friday and festive shopping. For this reason, content needs to be exciting, mobile-friendly and easy to lead through to a purchase. Friction points need to be removed and shoppers need to be engaged.

Reaching new audiences in new markets:

As we’ve seen, customers aren’t just in one place anymore – they’re all over the world! Black Friday is ever-growing and customers just keep coming. Therefore it’s key that marketers connect with these different customers, whilst appealing to their cultures and interests. Marketing to customers in the UK is very different from marketing to consumers in The Philippines.