Are Virtual Concerts The Future? What Does The Travis Scott Fortnite Event Mean For Brands?

On April 23rd 2020 a world record was broken. 12.3 million people logged into the popular gaming platform Fortnite to watch ‘Astronomical’ a virtual concert by Travis Scott.

This is not the first time that the platform has created an extraordinary experience for the gamers. Fortnite has previously held in-game events, showcasing and collaborating with both Marshmello and Star Wars.

However, neither of these saw success on the same scale as Astronomical.

Timing can be argued as one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the virtual experience. With the world being on lockdown, it provided a great opportunity to reach such a large audience.

Would the event have seen so much success if we were not in the middle of a global pandemic?

Even if we look over the timing of the event, it was a huge success and makes us question what it means for the future of the consumer and the experience economy.

The event provides evidence that virtual experiences can succeed on such a large scale and leaves us wondering how brands can use this as a new way to reach and engage with their audience.

We believe that this is only the beginning.

Musicians can use this as inspiration to create their own unique experience for their fans.

Brands can innovate to create virtual experiences for their consumers to enjoy, whilst also showcasing their products.

Imagine if the consumer was given even more power to create a truly personalised online experience… choosing songs they want to hear, deciding on a backdrop for the event etc.

Engagement with your audience is paramount, and this could be the start of a key new way to conversate with your target groups that will allow you to learn so much more about their behaviour and how they choose to interact with your brand.

Do you think this is the start of a virtual boom for brands?