Are Reels The Future?

Are Reels The Future?

Is Instagram Reely The Future?

TikTok was the infamous platform for short video content which grabbed user’s attention, created viral trends and drew people in.

However, with the current uncertainty about the future for TikTok, Instagram’s Reels has now stepped in…

The question is, which platform is better? And why might someone choose to use Reels rather than TikTok?

  1. New Updates on Reels

With the underlying competition between TikTok and Reels, Instagram has stepped up its game. It has just launched new updates which hope to bring the audience ‘to the dark side’.

One update now enables users to create Reels of up to 30 seconds compared to the 15 second cap they were originally at. This opens up a lot more opportunities for creators, enabling them to experiment more and show their audience even more content.

Another update which hopes to make Reels easier to use, is the increase time on the timer button. It has now been extended up to 10 seconds meaning creators can adjust their positioning and backdrop before they start recording. 

Additionally, Instagram also hopes to improve its editing tools, with the prime focus on the deletion and trimming options. 

These updates may seem self-explanatory and some may be surprised they are not already in place. However, this is only a snippet of what’s to be improved… watch this space TikTok.

2. More Followers on Instagram VS TikTok

One key factor which might sway people to opt for using Reels rather than TikTok is simply their following.

Instagram users generally have a larger following; therefore, it makes logical sense for them to use that platform to reach more people.

However, this is determined by who their audience is and what they want to see.

Whilst fashion content creators could thrive off making Reels to showcase new outfits, new trends and hauls, other content creators may suit just the still image aspect of Instagram. 

3. Instagram Is the One Stop Shop

Instagram is a stand-alone platform which encompasses many different tools. Now Reels has stepped onto the scene it has made the platform even more enticing to use.

As mentioned in previous articles, Instagram is made up of many different marketing tools which can be used to improve your brands engagement massively. Read our blog here ‘How Instagram can be used to enhance your brand’

The question is, will Reels live up to its competitor Tiktok? 

Whilst Instagram is favoured by a huge number of content creators, the main issue will be whether the quality of the tools they offer live up to people’s expectations.

Reels may need to be unique and clever about the future updates they bring out to ensure people favour using them. 

Do you think Reels are the future?