Advice From The Experts: Tips For New People In The Social Media Industry

Advice From The Experts: Tips For New People In The Social Media Industry

We understand that being new to the social media industry can feel daunting and overwhelming.

That’s why in our second instalment of ‘Advice From The Experts’ feature, we ask Rob Social Republic’s CEO and Davina, Social Republic’s Senior Account Executive their top tips for people new to the sector. 

In the below blog, they cover their key bits of knowledge for those going into the world of social media to what they need to read to ensure they have their finger on the industry’s pulse.

What is a key bit of knowledge everyone going into marketing/social media should know?


Rob: Studying marketing techniques and applying them are significantly different.

Whilst it’s important to understand theories whilst studying or training, putting them into practice in an agency or in-house marketing setting will be the priority. 

It’s important to gain experience before taking on a marketing or social media role to fully understand how strategies and campaigns are implemented.”

Davina: Every day is different! Take each day in your stride and don’t get bogged down in the finer details.

It’s essential to remember that flexibility is key in our ever-changing industry.”

What do you read to stay up to date with social media news? Name your top three.



  1. Social Republic blog – We’re proud to say we have our finger on the pulse of an industry that evolves every day with our blog, providing insights, guides and news on a daily basis.
  2. Social Republic social accounts – You can follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok where you’ll learn, be inspired and get to know us a little better. 
  3. Google News – A great resource for custom alerts direct to your inbox. For example if you want to know everything about Pinterest, simply set up an alert with a relevant keyword and choose the frequency you receive them.”


  1. Social Media Today – One of the most read industry news sources that provides the latest trends, advice and tips across all the main social media channels. 
  2. Any platform specific blogs like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest for example. These are a great way to keep up to date with the network’s latest developments and breaking news announcements. 
  3. Social Media Examiner – A great source for information on how to best use social media marketing to connect with customers, generate awareness and increase sales.”

Why do you think graduates should pursue a career in social media?


Rob: Having utilised social networks since 2006 I have seen many evolve, adapt, improve and for some, disappear.

The industry is changing for the better as companies learn from their mistakes and societies become more aware of how they operate and the data they manage. 

If you’re looking for a fast-paced industry that provides creative freedom then you’re in the right place.

Davina: If you’re wanting to be constantly learning new skills and tackling new challenges – social media is the perfect industry for you.

It plays such a fundamental role in society for both consumers and brands. 

I find it super interesting to see the rise of social media over the years and the importance it plays in today’s era taking over from traditional communication methods.

In some cases, social media engagement is just as important as television ads and print coverage for example.

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Do you have any tips for people new to the industry?