A Look At Twitter During COVID-19

COVID-19 has left a lot of businesses confused on how to approach their marketing strategy.

Continue promoting and risk alienating their current audience? Or, stop advertising and lose out to competitors?

To solve this dilemma, Twitter has conducted a survey to find out what users want to see from businesses during lockdown.

The results highlighted that the majority of consumers were wanting to see brands show some empathy to the current situation.

89% felt that it is particularly important right now for brands to be ‘providing reliable and accurate information’ rather than showcasing products and services.

It also revealed that a good majority (86%) of those questioned, believe that brands should be helping support society’s most vulnerable.

That being said, brands should not feel like they cannot promote their services at this current time.

The key to succeeding during this difficult time is maintaining a balance between providing your audience with support and guidance, whilst also delivering your brand message.

With the overall increase in social media usage during lockdown, marketers would be missing an opportunity by going completely silent.

Lockdown has given brands the opportunity to provide valuable content which is likely to have higher reach.

Twitter has also reported that they have seen a large increase in video content, further providing another opportunity for brands to make the most of.

Other key findings from the report:

  • 77% believe that brands should be helping support their local community.
  • 70% think that brands should be boosting positivity and positive stories.
  • 58% would like brands to be sharing their experiences as a business (including challenges and plans).
  • 70% think it is important for brands to be providing prompt customer service right now.
  • 80% would like to see how brands are supporting their employees.

If you are struggling to get the balance right during lockdown, enquire today.