A Graduate’s Guide To Your First Job

A Graduate’s Guide To Your First Job

Congratulations, you’ve got your first job! 

Regardless of what job it is or how you got it, landing your first job can be a very nerve racking but also exciting experience. 

Although, one thing’s for certain, first impressions are extremely important and it’s good to stay ahead of the game. 

So, how do you continue to make a good impression at your first job? 

In the following article we outline our top tips for making yourself shine bright in your new role:

  1. Always Arrive On Time

Remember early is on time and on time is late. This is especially true during the first few weeks of your new job.

Make sure you plan your journey with delays in mind so that you ensure you don’t run the risk of being late.

If you turn up early you can always have a walk and explore the area. 

  1. Dress Appropriately

Make sure you wear the correct clothing.

If you have a face to face interview, take note of what the staff are wearing and match their attire.

But if not, business casual is always a safe option. 

  1. Listen And Observe

Your first week of work will feel like a whirlwind. You’ll meet lots of people and experience an information overload.

Bring a notebook, pen or laptop so you can take notes and refer to them if you forget anything.

Actively listen and write down everything that could be useful. This could be anything including people’s names and their roles or information on tasks.

  1. Don’t Be Too Confident

This might seem like a strange pointer… be confident but don’t be too confident. 

Avoid office banter until you have settled in and read the office setting. You want to be professional and friendly whilst getting to know your colleagues.

But make sure you stand out. Always ask for opportunities, voice your opinion and stay until you’ve met your deadlines. It’s important to always be excited to learn more and improve your skills. 

Enthusiasm, energy and lots of ideas will stand you in good stead. 

  1. Ask Questions When You Don’t Understand Something

During your first few weeks you might be doing something you’ve never done before. It’s best to double check that you’re doing it right. Don’t hesitate to ask a colleague or your boss if you’re unsure. 

And as the saying goes… no question is a silly question. 

  1. Learn How To Manage Your Time

Getting work done on time to a high standard is very important. 

Make sure you schedule your time so that you are as productive as possible. Keep in mind that some tasks may pop up out of the blue. You’ll have to work around this and amend your daily schedule, but take that in your stride. 

Managing your time successfully will help you get things done faster and to a high standard. Don’t rush tasks, but equally don’t procrastinate.

Your first job is the first step into your new chapter. Make the most of it and have fun. This is only the beginning…

What are your top tips for making a good first impression?