A Freelancer’s Guide To Staying Motivated And Productive Whilst Working From Home

Homeworking has become a way of life for almost half of British workers.

But how to stay motivated and ensure that productivity levels remain high?

In the following article, we look at six simple changes that you can do to stay driven and determined whilst working from home.

  1. Plan the night before

To ensure you are prepared for the day ahead, a beneficial tip is to plan out your day the night before. 

Write a to-do list of all the things you need to get completed the following day, as well as any deadlines you need to meet. 

This means that when your day begins you can start working more quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Put on a nice outfit

Whilst the idea of working from your pyjamas all day may seem tempting, it will lower productivity. 

By wearing something nice you will feel ready for your day and signal that you are in ‘work mode’. Just like working in a different room or scenery, it will mentally make you feel more productive.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

According to the NHS, adults are recommended to get between six to nine hours of sleep per night. 

Sticking to a regular sleeping routine will mean you wake up feeling refreshed and you’ll be more likely perform to a higher standard throughout your working day. 

  1. Have a nutritious breakfast and frequently drink water throughout the day. 

Waking up and having a nutritious breakfast will set you up for the day. 

This will help to stimulate your brain power, boost your energy and increase your alertness and enable you to become more energised to complete your work to a high standard.

There are also many benefits to drinking lots of water throughout the day. 

A recent study found that by drinking enough water every day, people see a 14% increase in productivity whilst working from home. 

By having your water bottle on your desk, which you regularly fill up, will ensure you drink the recommended amount and help you to stay alert and productive throughout the day. 

  1. Go for a walk outside on your lunch break

It is important to use your lunch break wisely.

Getting fresh air and going for a walk will help to increase your energy levels and release endorphins.

You could even use this time to call a friend, listen to a podcast or think about work-related ideas.  

  1. Make plans

Making plans for the weekend ahead will help to keep you motivated and ensure you put 100% effort into your working week.

By having something to look forward to you will have an increased positive outlook and it will enable you to focus on the present moment. 

How do you keep yourself motivated while working from home?